Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lady Baden-Powell Facts Wheel

Hello Readers!  Here is an activity to use with my Girl Guide Lapbook.  You will need a paper fastener and scissors for this one.  Cut out both circles...cut out the notch in the top circle...this is the view window which will allow you to see the facts as you turn to wheel...poke a hole in the center of each circle...attach a paper fastener {paper brad} to the center hole...attach to your Lapbook using the paper fastener.  Do not glue this one to the lapbook since it is meant to turn freely.  Send an email if you would like to use this LBP Facts Wheel in a Lapbook.
top view of LBP Facts Wheel
Bottom of LBP Facts Wheel
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! is a pic of the wheel used in a lapbook
March 2013 post here

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