Saturday, 29 October 2011

Operation Christmas Child


Girl Guides have the opportunity to take part in an
International Community Service Project!  We will be
collecting items for Operation Christmas Child's shoebox gift.
We will aim to send at least one box per Girl Guide Unit...
depending on how many items we collect.

Millions of underprivileged  children around the world have
experienced the joy of receiving an Operation Christmas Child
shoebox gift.  We can help make a difference in a child's life! 

Canada has collected 75,000 shoe boxes for Haiti alone in 2011.
Think about how we can help make an  impact in the lives of 
children in Haiti and around the world.

School Supplies
pencil crayons
note pads
picture books

Toys and other Gifts
stuffed animals
small musical instruments
hair clips
toy jewelry
{*loose individually wrapped
hard candy in a sealable bag*}

Hygiene Items
Soap {in a sealed bag}
hair brush

  • Toothpaste
  • Food and any chewy, crumbly or soft candy
  • Used Items
  • Decks of standard playing cards
  • Liquids or items that could leak, melt, freeze, or break
  • items that can scare or harm a child...such as war related toys, knives, toy guns

Participants will receive a special crest!

* Sparks will be collecting items for a
girl age 5-9 Due by November 17th.

*Brownies will be collecting items for a
girl age 5-9 Due by November 21st.

*Guides will be collecting items for a
girl age 5-9 Due by November 17th.


Hike Nova Scotia


Hike Nova Scotia is a volunteer-based organization that encourages and promotes hiking, walking and snowshoeing throughout Nova Scotia.  They are pleased to work with Girl Guides of Nova Scotia to offer all Guiding branches a chance to participate in a new challenge:  The Hiker Distance Award Challenge for youth. 

Youth can get involved by earning the Hiker Distance Award Challenge Patch! You must go on several hikes, walks or snowshoe outings (with your unit, family or others) and tally the following kilometers within one year
  • Ages 5 to 8: 15 km
  • Ages 9 to 14: 30 km
  • Ages 15 to adult: 45 km
Use the special Hiker Distance Award Challenge
for Youth Logbook to record your hikes. 


You may count your hiking done with your family, 
your Girl Guide Unit, or with others. Any form 
of walking/hiking/snowshoeing in any Nova Scotia setting counts.
If you reach the required km for your age group early,
you can always hike more! Find a list of links to trail maps and directions at
This time next year we will collect all the Logbooks and the Guiders 
will submit the distances as a group to receive the free patch!
View the Challenge at

This challenge is for individuals, families, 
or groups such as Girl Guides! Check it out!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Fun!

Brownies Treat Table
Witches Fingers
More Mummies
The Halloween Parties both went well!   We did a few crafts, 
danced, played games and had treats! The 1hour 15 minutes time 
frame of our meeting seems to go by sooo fast.  The girls all 
came dressed in costume.  The costumes consisted of 
{for Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Leaders together}
8 Witches , 3 PJ's, 3 Skeletons, 1 Clown, 1 Little Red Riding Hood,
1 Bumble Bee, 1 Littlest Pet Shop, 1 Princess, 1 Hippie, 
1 funky Bed Bug, 1 Zombie, 1 Disc Jockey, 1 Harry Potter, 1 Phantom, 
1 Velma from Scooby Doo, 1 Super Girl, 1 Pumpkin, 
1 Cat, 1 Cowgirl, 1 Scientist, 1 Pirate, 1 Angel.  

For Crafts: Brownies decorated a treat bag, did a 3D pumpkin 
and a fun foam frame. The Sparks coloured in wooden Halloween 
shapes and did a fun foam Scarecrow.  The Guides decorated a 
treat bag, a mini Owl treat box, and a fun foam scarecrow.  
I did not get photos of all the crafts but I managed to get a few.

 Brownies'  3D paper pumpkin 

Brownies' personalized treat bags
Guides assembled this mini Owl treat box
Sparks and Guides did this simple craft

Thankyou to all the Leaders and Parents whom had donated treats!
{I didn't get a photo of the Guides/Sparks treat tables but they were 
just as yummy looking as the Brownies Treat table}.   The girls
all took pride in their awesome costumes! It is such a treat just
to see the costumes the kids come up with...and there are 
some really cool and original minds out there!


Friday, 21 October 2011

Ghoul Guides Halloween 2011

BROWNIES Halloween Party Monday October 24

SPARKS and GUIDES Halloween Party Thursday October 27 

Come dressed in your favourite costume!
You'll enjoy lots of fun activities!
We appreciate when parents send treats to our events! 
{However, you are not obligated to do so}.

We have the following number of girls in our Units...
but one or two extra may show up!

Sparks 5 
Brownies 10
Guides 8

Monday, 17 October 2011

Brownie Dues & Attendance...and Crafts

 Wise Owl Lori-Anne found this neat 
little pink toy holder at Frenchy's and 
thought it would be perfect for organizing
the Brownies' Dues each week.

Cookie Owl worked her amazing magic 
and made up this cute little system. Each pouch is
labelled with the Brownies' name.  Laminated Owl cards
are provided and are placed inside the pouch
 to signify  attendance for that week. 
As the girls arrive they put in an owl card and
their $1 dues.  This is a great way to keep track of
the dues and attendance ...and cuts out on the 
weekly question and response... "Owl, Owl, Where do I put
my dues? "..."Just keep it in your pocket until we are ready".
Now they know the routine!

Cookie Owl made up these
cute litte name tags for the Brownies
using GGC Clipart.  We collect the name tags
at the end of the night...put them in a gift bag
...then randomly pick out a tag to determine
the weekly prize draw winner.  When a Brownie wears her
uniform, pays the dues, and is well behaved that night
she has a chance to win a prize.  We have a treasure
box full of prizes that were either picked up at yardsales
or the dollarama or donated by my sister Michele.
A great way to encourage the Brownies to
wear their uniform, pay dues, behave well, and
 leave their name tag behind!

Cookie Owl did a cute little SPIDER craft this week

It's getting close to HALLOWEEN week will be our Halloween Party.
Since Halloween is on a Monday night
this year we will not have a meeting that week.

Yes...the Owls get to do CRAFTS
too! We like to have fun!

This is the craft idea White Owl provided for Thanksgiving.
Little turkeys...some were grey some where brown.
The Brownies loved making these...and made them
with ease from dollarama craft clay.  They formed
the body, added the eyes, feathers, feet and
waddle thingy.  So adorable!  Thanks White Owl!

Nova Scotia Guider Conference October 14-16, 2011

2011 Guider's Conference Crest 
"Our Past and Future:
Celebrating and Building"

RIAG District....Breakfast ....Saturday morning...
The food was fabulous the entire weekend!
Left-Right...Krista, Lee Ann{Me}, Lori-Anne, Melissa, Elaine
I Love these doll clothes that Claudia made...
{but unfortunately she doesn't sell them...
they even have little badges on the sash
and a camp hat loaded with crafts...Love It...
You did an awesome job Claudia!
I want to make these!}

 Sparks' Doll Uniform

Brownies' Doll Uniform

 Guides' Doll Uniform

Pathfinder Doll Uniform

Ranger Doll Uniform still in the making

Camp Poncho...lots of cool crests 


 Neat hat crafts

 Wise Owl on the toadstool!

Annapolis Basin Conference Centre
Cornwallis Nova Scotia...
this was a Military base,
now used as a conference centre
and Cadets training facility.

Look at this amazing camp poncho...
{I had asked for permission to post this pic}
This took alot of tedious sewing! 
I need to do this with my crests too!

 A new GGC PR recruitment poster perhaps?
The new face of today's GGC Leader?


 Propelling our Leaders into greatness!

 We found Smurfs on our way home!  
A Smurfy pumpkin festival this week in the valley.
This one looks like Baker Smurf.  
All that mixing made his arms really skinny!

Here is Jokey...he's a buggggger!

Wise Owl and Brainy...or is that Brainy Owl?

Papa Smurf need of rhinoplasty
...and a few sit ups?

Smurfette need of a chiropractor...
and Vanity looking gorgeous as usual.

There were a few Smurf Houses cropping up

 Mean ole Gargamel...
got what he deserved for
being such a meanie!
{Azrael was squished}

And ....The Smurfiest Leaders in all of SMURFLAND! lol
{Krista took this pic that's why she is not in the photo ...
but she is a SMURFY Leader too!}

Farmer Smurf hard at work ...
doing what he loves best!
That's a smurfy zucchini!

Gargamel's lair...the home of all the evil schemes!
Who's laughing now Mr.?
The whole weekend was a blast from Friday to Sunday.
The facilities, the food, the training sessions, the campfire, 
the organizers, they were all fantastic!  
The Leaders are so much fun and full of mischief! 
We got to meet so many new Leaders and obtained 
valuable resources to make Guiding even more Smurfy! 
Can't wait for the next conference in 2013!