Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cookie Day Saturday October 8th

The Fall Cookies are here!  Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Guiders will be selling delicious Chocolate Mint Cookies at the Farmer's Market and Door-to-Door next Saturday.  We will need some girls to stay at the Farmer's Market to sell cookies and the rest to go door-to-door.  *Door-to-Door supervision will be the parent's responsibility. Please arrive at the Farmer's Market between 8-10am to pick up your cookies and to select a selling route. Door-to-Door sales will not begin until 10am.  Those who stay at the Farmer's Market are not expected to stay the entire 4 hours. All cookie money is due that same day. Cookie money collected after 12:00 is to be passed in to Guider Korene at her new store "Stepping Stone" in Wilkies Court {208 Main street across from St James United Church} between 1-3pm.  Anyone requesting to sell at their own pace may pre pay $48 per case.  If your daughter is unable to take part in our Cookie Day please make arrangements to take cookies home. Every member must sell at least one case of cookies!  Group sales events are a safe way for girls to sell cookies in their communities. Please show your support for girl greatness!

Support our Fall Cookie Day Sale!
Saturday, October 8th
Farmer's Market: 8am -12:00
Door-to-Door: 10am-3pm 
 Return cookie money
 to Stepping Stone in
Wilkies Court 1-3pm

    • Take along a water bottle {and a snack if planning to be at the market for a while}
    • Wear your Girl Guides of Canada Uniform {dress for the weather and if staying at the market take a's cold in there}
    • Be Polite at all times
    • BE SAFE! Don't go door-to-door alone
    • Cookies Cost  $4 per box
    • Have something such as a purse to carry the money
    • Count change properly {practice at home}
    • Return all tips and cookie money in the provided envelope labelled with girl's name and unit

     What can you make out of
    empty cookie boxes? Go to 
    For Contest Details!

    Friday, 23 September 2011

    Campfire Night

    This Thursday {Sept 29th} Sparks, Brownies, and Guides are invited to Whidden's Campground for a Campfire Sing-a-long and S'mores! 
                                                 Bring along: 
    • water bottle 
    • chair / camp stool/ sit upon 
    • stick for your marshmallows 
    • Health Form if not already submitted
    • Your singing Voice!
    This event is rain or shine so be prepared for the weather!  {If it is too wet out such as a down pour  then we may postpone}.  Meet us there at 6:15.  Pick up time is at 7:30 pm.  Hope to see you all there for this kickoff to the new Guiding year!
    Brownies will be meeting on Monday ,Sept 26, but are still invited to attend the Campfire on Thursday.

    Please note that Whiddens does not have open firepits...the fire is enclosed in a large campstove.
    If you did not submit the Health form at the info session then you MUST do so at the Campfire.

    2011 Girl Guides Registration

    Hello there!  Welcome back to another exciting year of Girl Guides!  We had an "Info Session" last night since we no longer have a "registration" night.  This year is the first time for Online Registration.  There have been some concerns from parents about not being able to complete the registration process on line and other payment issues.  Some people prefer the online process while others would rather have the papers in hand.  Those who prefer to register off line can phone this number  1-800-565-8111 or go to to print out the form. Numbers are lower this year but hopefully within the next few weeks everyone will be registered.  

    Sparks meet on Thursdays 6:15 -7:15  St James United
    Brownies meet on Mondays 6:15-7:30 St Paul's Anglican
    Guides meet on Thursdays 6:15-7:30 St James United

    Monday, 19 September 2011

    We Are On Facebook

    Hello cyberland peeps...I have totally neglected "Antigonish Girl Guides" on Facebook.  Just yesterday, Wise Owl had mentioned that Facebook would be good PR for us and then it occured to me...We do have a facebook account!  I had created it over three years ago, posted a couple of messages but then totally forgot about it. I did a couple of posts yesterday and will do my duty to check on it regularily.  I have my own personal facebook account but I rarely use would be neat if people sent in old Girl Guide photos or took part in a discussion wouldn't it? We shall see how it goes!

    Friday, 16 September 2011

    "Lee Ann's Girl Guide Notebook"

    Hey everyone...our Brownie & Guide meetings do not start for another week so I will post about my Website "Lee Ann's Girl Guide Notebook". I think that I will stop adding to the website for a while and just use this Blog. It is alot easier and quicker to use...I'll see how it goes...but here is the address for my website...check it out!

    My very First Blog Post Ever

    Hello there my little Smurfs! This is my very first post ever.  I love reading blogs so I thought I would blog about what we do at Guides and Brownies.  I'll keep this short since I do not know what to say yet...just wanted to test it out!  I will add to this on a regular basis....i'll add photos and meeting plans etc. or whatever I feel like at that moment! Check back next week...I should have new posts by then.

    UPDATE: 07 June 2013
    IF this is your first time viewing my blog please note that the first couple of months of posts are more unit related/parent fyi posts...if you continue to read on then you will find meeting ideas and activities!  So please ignore the early posts! Thanks!