Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guides Promise Mini book

Hello ! I'm back for another exciting and fun GUIDING YEAR!  This is the beginning of my 17th year as a I was a Guide for two years. That's 19 years membership with GGC!  This year I am not leading both Brownies and Guides...just gonna do Guides and help out the Sparks and Brownies when needed.  We have 14 Guides and 1 Pathfinder girl assistant...that is double membership from last year.  We are busy selling cookies and getting ready for our kick off Campfire. 

I am still working on my craft room chaos {see post here..sorry it's not ready for the blog yet!}  I do, however, have pdf files available for anyone interested in doing the Girl Guiding Lapbook{You In Guiding or World Guiding Badge lapbook}.  See the original post here.  Just leave a comment with your email address and I'll see if I have what you are looking for.  I am always interested in seeing where my ideas are being used.  

Here are a few samples of what I have been working on to be used in the Lapbook.

The Guide Promise Mini book

The Four World Centres Cootie Catcher {or fortune teller}

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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