Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Community Art- Girl Guide tree sculpture

"Guiding in Colchester County began in 1915.  This sculpture has been created to commemorate our guiding members past and present.  We celebrate the women who have generously given their time and talents, and to the girls who have and will benefit from this organization in the years to come."

This Tree Sculpture was featured in the Nova Scotia Girl Guide newsletter, Coastlines, a few years ago {or maybe more??}.    I had been in Truro several times over the years and had known that a GGC sculpture existed but hadn't noticed it until this past weekend.  It is located at 34 Queen Street Truro.  The street was fairly busy when we were there so these are the best pics taken. {next time we will cross the street and photograph the plaque}.

Antigonish has a few of the Tree Sculptures around town. If you are interested in seeing those tree sculptures go to this link:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Craft Room Chaos!...Part One

My Girl Guide Life is 
taking over my Craft Room!
This Summer my plan was to re-organize and downsize my "Girl Guide stuff"... 40+binders full of resources for teaching the Girl Guide Program, containers of my collectibles, shelves of Guiding/Scouting books, misc craft supplies, other "stuff I might use" but have not used in years...and the list goes on!  {Keep in mind I had/have stuff for teaching Sparks, Brownies, and Guides from the past 16 years!  This is stuff that I had personally purchased and collected over the years... NOT purchased with "Unit funds"}.  I made some progress in my attempt to down size but my mission is not yet complete!

This is the "BEFORE" version of the closet in my craft room.  I try to keep all my Girl Guide stuff in this one room.  I want to eliminate the binders so that I can store my personal craft supplies and books on this shelving unit {Hubby made the shelf a few years ago... the magazine rack was a yardsale find...and so were most of the binders!}.

After about 2 months, I have most of the 40+binders scanned and converted to pdf's {thanks to my hubby and his access to a super duper machine at his work!}.  Now I have access to most of my binder resources on my has freed up much needed space in my craft room!
Another cupboard housing  piles of GGC papers/forms/stuff I'm "saving"
Some of my paper stuff was outdated and went straight to the shredder and blue bag recycle...other stuff went to my yardsale...some stuff I donated to my niece whom is new to the Daycare field...and a lot I had donated to the Unit.  I can no longer keep props for skits, seasonal decorations, multiple copies of resources and left over supplies. Time to Downsize!

This box contains memorabilia stuff I'm "saving"

Also made  a few trips to our meeting Hall to unload some stuff that I no longer need to keep in my house...luckily we have two cupboards at the hall for storing our supplies /resources.  It was difficult to decide what was really useful for teaching the GGC program and what was kept "just in case we may need it someday".  I do not want to create a cluttered Unit cupboard either.  {why do I need to hold on to left over craft projects from 10 years ago?? If it is not used within a year or two then it most likely will never be used...donate it to someone who will use it}.
This is one pile that was sent to the Hall cupboard...this photo does not show all that went away
Some stuff that I know I will be using for GGC will stay in my Craft room
I have decided to be very selective in regards to what I allow to be stored at my house.  I just do not have the space.  I want to utilize the space that I have to start back to crafting/sewing...something that I once enjoyed doing but my craft room space lost it's function.  I will keep most of my Girl Guide collections {crests/books/memorabilia/old uniforms etc} and my personal gear but that has got to be it.  

There is a crest"Guiding ...One hour a week...!" ...well someone should design a crest about the "hoarding" ..I'll buy it and add it to my collection! 

Check back soon for Part II of my craft room chaos!{and no this is not the next episode of TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive!}