Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Girl Guide Collage Book Part 1

Hello Owl & Toadstool Readers!  

I would like to share with you something that I've been working on the past few 'snowy' days...yes, still lots of snow here. In fact, school was cancelled today due to the snow...lovely.

Since it is Spring Cookie time here in Canada, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post about this craft idea.  I've been storing this idea in my head for a while so time to retrieve it! 

Save your empty GGC Cookie Cases!

...and thin cardboard boxes such as these to make a book.
I cut out the two large sides of the cookie case for the front and back covers...
...to make a simple three ringed book.

Bonus Craft: 
Cut out the trefoil from the discarded cookie case scraps and make it into a brooch.  
Hot glue a brooch pin to the back and seal it with Mod Podge or other varnish.
Decide on how many pages you would like in your book.  My book has twenty-one pages of various sizes.  To make the pages cut out the large sides of thin cardboard boxes. I opted to leave side flaps in tact for most of my pages.  For example, you can see the Catelli box below has the side flap in tact.  The pages will work even if you do not use the side flaps.  Boxes with 'windows' add interest to the pages too.

Next, you will need to punch holes for the binder rings.

1-1/4 inch size worked well for my book but you can judge for yourself.
I reinforced all the hole punched sides with duct tape.  This prevents the holes from ripping. {I did this step after I had punched the holes but then i had to punch over the holes again...In hind sight I would have put the tape on first then punched the holes}.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 
Girl Guide Collage Book !

In Part 2, I will show you how I had prepared 
the pages for the collage process.


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring/Easter Crafts

The first week of Spring has gone by but I think it has forgotten about the Maritime Provinces!  We are still buried deep in snow.  Absolutely no sign of Spring but at least now we are out of the deep freeze.

Here are a few Spring/Easter crafts to remind us that it actually is Spring here in Atlantic Canada.
Chick and Basket....my original creation.
Made from an egg carton, paper straw, pompom, felt, pipe cleaner, feathers, ribbon, google eyes, glue.
I'm not sure where I found this Pompom Bunny idea.  I think it was a kit.
This Clothespin Bunny idea came from a craft magazine years ago.
Again, not sure where I came across this Easter Chick magnet idea 

Back in 2003, the local Pathfinder Guider had asked me to make up a compilation of craft ideas for them to sell at the Provincial Conference Ideas Market.  This Easter Chick was one of the entries. I have the pdf version of this craft as well as the entire booklet if anyone is interested. {The booklet is 15 pages}.

I had made this craft with two different Guide Units that I had been volunteering with. We had given the Chicks to Nursing Homes to add to the meal trays.

I think this idea, quite possibly, may have come from Sydney Mines, NS Guiders back in 1999...but not 100% sure.

Spring Yarn Bug craft idea from the Making Friends site.  
This is the hat that I had created for the Anne Challenge but could easily be made into an Easter Bonnet just by adding some flowers.
This little wooden frog from the Dollarama on a fun foam lily pad is my creation...perhaps a Spring Peeper?

This adorable pair of little bunny slippers is an idea found on the Making Friends website. Go here to see the instructions. So cute!

I sure hope that all of this snow melts soon so that we can get on with Spring!
Happy Easter!

Friday, 27 March 2015

History Fortune Teller -Australia

Good Day! Here is the History Fortune Teller -Australia version.
PDF available by email request
All versions of the History Fortune Teller are the same except for one question/answer and one logo.  I have changed the question "What year did Guiding start in...?" and the answer {year} to suit the different Countries.   I've also changed the Trefoil logo for each according to the Country.

Go here to view the History Fortune Teller for Canada
Go here to view the History Fortune Teller for England
Go here to view the History Fortune Teller for Hong Kong 
Go here to view the World Centres Fortune Teller

Monday, 23 March 2015

Knitted Trefoil Hat & Cup Cozy

Hello! I would like to share with you an amazing act of generosity. The other day something arrived in the mail for me.  It made my day! It was a gift from a Sister in Guiding, Denise S, from Ontario.  

A special Shout-Out to Guider Denise!  Thank You!!

I had emailed Denise some of my Girl Guiding resource files that she had requested from Owl & Toadstool...little did I know that she was going to send me something in return.  Check out this adorable knitted trefoil hat and cup cozy. Denise had made a total of 30 hats for friends in Guiding...yes, 30 hats!  That is an amazing act of kindness!  I'd bet her knitting needles were on fire.  I do not know how to knit but I can just imagine the amount of time and thoughtfulness that went into making these incredible hand made items. I adore your knitted creations Denise! Thank You so much for your awesome gift of kindness and generosity!