Tuesday 31 March 2015

Girl Guide Collage Book Part 1

Hello Owl & Toadstool Readers!  

I would like to share with you something that I've been working on the past few 'snowy' days...yes, still lots of snow here. In fact, school was cancelled today due to the snow...lovely.

Since it is Spring Cookie time here in Canada, I thought this would be an appropriate time to post about this craft idea.  I've been storing this idea in my head for a while so time to retrieve it! 

Save your empty GGC Cookie Cases!

...and thin cardboard boxes such as these to make a book.
I cut out the two large sides of the cookie case for the front and back covers...
...to make a simple three ringed book.

Bonus Craft: 
Cut out the trefoil from the discarded cookie case scraps and make it into a brooch.  
Hot glue a brooch pin to the back and seal it with Mod Podge or other varnish.
Decide on how many pages you would like in your book.  My book has twenty-one pages of various sizes.  To make the pages cut out the large sides of thin cardboard boxes. I opted to leave side flaps in tact for most of my pages.  For example, you can see the Catelli box below has the side flap in tact.  The pages will work even if you do not use the side flaps.  Boxes with 'windows' add interest to the pages too.

Next, you will need to punch holes for the binder rings.

1-1/4 inch size worked well for my book but you can judge for yourself.
I reinforced all the hole punched sides with duct tape.  This prevents the holes from ripping. {I did this step after I had punched the holes but then i had to punch over the holes again...In hind sight I would have put the tape on first then punched the holes}.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 
Girl Guide Collage Book !

In Part 2, I will show you how I had prepared 
the pages for the collage process.


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