Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guiding and Scouting Printables

Hello friends! 
Thought I would share with you a very useful and fun site called 
This site provides parents, teachers, and group leaders with free activities for kids.  They have printables, colouring, puzzles, crafts, holidays, topics, games, and a new shop.  Under the tab "topics", they have a Scouting and Guiding section.  Many of you may have seen some of their  activities on Pinterest, such as this one, "Learn How to Draw Robert Baden-Powell".  

A while ago, I had pinned this drawing sheet to my Pinterest board "Crafty Girl Guides" for future reference.  I did not venture onto the original site until today after reading an email from UK Guider Owl Gayle {Hi Gayle!}.  Gayle had used the BP drawing sheets as part of her Baden-Powell meeting with her Brownies and had sent me the link.  So today I checked out the original site. Here are some of the pages that I had found! {I combined the files for display purpose on this blog...they are available for individual PDF download on Activity Village}.

There are other Baden-Powell worksheets available for download there too.  
These activities would be fun to include in Lapbooks

The site also has information on Robert, Agnes,  and Olave Baden-Powell, and has Thinking Day activities so please check out Activity Village for yourself.  You may never know what you will find useful for Guiding!

Hope you are all enjoying your Summer so far.  The weather has been a bit on the cool side here in Atlantic Canada but this week it is warming up !  Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New GGC Clipart

Hello there! Surprise Surprise! another post so soon...I know, shocker! lol  I came across some new Girl Guides of Canada clipart recently and thought I would share my findings.  This clipart has the updated GGC uniforms.

I think the new clipart is really nice and colourful! I like it! 
Thanks GGC, the Guiders appreciate it!

Clipart can be used in many ways: in newsletters, notes to parents, scrapbooking, smashbooking, websites, blogs, general crafting, or to promote GGC.  Use your imagination!  

I wonder who the artist is? Does anyone know?
These images were downloaded from GGC Brand Centre.

Have a nice day and Happy Guiding!