Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guiding Law Poster activity

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It's that time of year when Guiders, old and new, are buzzing around like busy little bees collecting activities to keep those eager Girl Guides busy every week.  

Today I have a fun Guiding Law activity for Guides.  This activity could be adapted to suit any branch of Guiding, in any country, or could be used by Trainers to teach the Guiding Law to new Guiders.

This poster was given to me back in 1999 {when I was a Guider in Sydney Mines, NS} by the nicest person ever, Heather Gillis, whom has since passed away. I believe this poster was used at a training session. Does it look familiar to any of the Cape Breton Guiders? If so, let me know. It is hands on, colourful and a fun visual to help the Guides and Guiders remember the Guiding Laws.  Whoever made this did an excellent job!  Such a great idea!

A picture was drawn in each circle to represent one of the seven Guiding Laws: {thank goodness that the laws have not been changed over the past 20 years or so!}

1. Be honest and trustworthy
2. Use my resources wisely
3. Respect myself and others

4. Recognize and use my talents and abilities

5. Protect our common environment

6. Live with courage and strength

7.  Share in the sisterhood of Guiding

It appears that the pictures were first drawn with a black marker by a Guider and then coloured by the Guides. 

An idea would be to introduce the Laws by having the Guides create a poster for the Unit or their patrol.  Follow up by having a group discussion about one Law per week.  I have found that throwing all seven laws out in one shot can be overwhelming. Don't expect the girls and Guiders to learn the laws on the first night.  Every week display the poster at your meeting and allow a brief time for the Guides to offer examples of how they encountered certain Guiding Laws at home or at school etc.  You may not have all the girls participate but this will create thoughts about the Guiding Law outside of your weekly meeting.

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I may have a few other Promise & Law activities coming up soon!  

Have a great day!

Guider Lee Ann