Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yardsale Haul - GGC pins

I found these two Girl Guides pins at the Halifax Forum fleamarket last weekend {$1 each}.  The top one I recognize as the Appreciation Pin but the bottom one I do not recognize.  Could be a Canadian Friendship pin, or a training pin...not quite sure.  Leave a comment if you know what it is.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Yardsale Haul- Brownie book

I found this little book at a yardsale years ago....can't exactly remember where I got it though.  My niece just got married on Saturday ,19 May, so I thought this post would be appropriate. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Yardsale Haul- Brownie mug

Yesterday was a busy morning with three fleamarkets!  This was the only Girl Guide related item that I had found.  I had posted a mug like this before but this one is in mint condition.  I wonder if GGC will come out with any new merchandise to coordinate with the new uniform colours.  That would be nice...I find that there isn't too much merchandise to choose from at the Online store. {and with the $9 shipping charge, whether the order consists of one tiny badge or not,  it is not feasible to shop as often as I did at our Provincial store. It is too bad that all the Provincial stores closed...the online shopping is not for everyone.}

UPDATE TO THE SHIPPING PROCESS: This makes more sense!

For small earned badge orders (not insignia or emblems) under 100 grams and less than $10 in total value, S&H is $2.00. These orders will be mailed out. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Guides' Spa Night

Spa Night was great!  The girls chose the theme for their last weekly indoor meeting.  The previous week they had 15 minutes of planning to make the Spa meeting happen...and they all contributed supplies for the meeting.  {We encourage our Guides to participate in planning and preparations whenever possible at our meetings}.  The leaders provided a healthy snack, the yogurt facial mask and the craft.  The craft was a sewing project.  They had sewn Hot & Cold Therapy bags filled with Feed Corn {the corn was graciously donated by Co-Op feed store} and the cotton fabric was a yardsale find {about 2 m for a $1 last fall}.   This was the first time using a sewing machine and iron for most of the girls so it took a little longer to sew then I had anticipated.We listened to soothing music while getting nails painted and facials {one of the Guides brought in her player and music}.  Spa Night is the ideal meeting theme for Guide aged girls! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Yardsale Haul- Pax Lodge Pin

Found this pin at a yardsale in Cape Breton, just outside of Louisdale, last summer.  Sometimes it pays to dig through the boxes of junk.  It would be much more exciting to travel to Pax Lodge to buy one of these but I will settle for the yardsale find ...for now!