Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Guides' Spa Night

Spa Night was great!  The girls chose the theme for their last weekly indoor meeting.  The previous week they had 15 minutes of planning to make the Spa meeting happen...and they all contributed supplies for the meeting.  {We encourage our Guides to participate in planning and preparations whenever possible at our meetings}.  The leaders provided a healthy snack, the yogurt facial mask and the craft.  The craft was a sewing project.  They had sewn Hot & Cold Therapy bags filled with Feed Corn {the corn was graciously donated by Co-Op feed store} and the cotton fabric was a yardsale find {about 2 m for a $1 last fall}.   This was the first time using a sewing machine and iron for most of the girls so it took a little longer to sew then I had anticipated.We listened to soothing music while getting nails painted and facials {one of the Guides brought in her player and music}.  Spa Night is the ideal meeting theme for Guide aged girls! 

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