Thursday, 6 March 2014

WAGGGS Regions/World Centre minibooks

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Some of you are wondering about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Regions, aka WAGGGS Regions. 

There are 10 million members of WAGGGS  in 145 countries around the world.  The countries are located in five regions.

The five WAGGGS Regions are:  
Africa Arab Asia Pacific Europe Western Hemisphere 

This map shows the regions by colour. 

image source

Go here to learn more about the Regions and how they work. Go here to access a drop down menu to find detailed information about the WAGGGS Member Organizations {145 countries listed}.

Recently I had edited my Four World Centres minibook to make it usable by all WAGGGS Regions. I use this minibook as a passport for a World Thinking Day meeting activity. {I made coordinating posters that I place around the meeting space as a round robin style meeting}.

The first photo is my original World Centres minibook which has the CWFF page, Pax Lodge, Our Chalet, Sangam, Our Cabana, and WAGGGS page {plus the front and back covers}. 
The remaining minibook photos show the regional logos in place of the Canadian World Friendship Fund page.  If you find this minibook activity useful then let me know and I will send you the pdf.

I did a google search for WAGGGS Region logo images and found these: {I could not find a detailed logo for Arab Region nor Europe Region...and could not find a colour coded logo for Asia Pacific if you happen to find them please leave a comment}.

Note: There is a fifth World Centre Pilot project that 
could potentially lead to a fifth World Centre in Africa.
Check out this WAGGGS page for more details.

"The project will be evaluated, with results and 
recommendations presented at the 
35th World Conference in Hong Kong in 2014". 

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Update 10 March 2014:  
I now have the colour logo for the Asia Pacific Region thanks to Carol B. for sending a link!  I also made mini-books with coloured logos for the Western Hemisphere Region and Africa Region.  If you would like to request these files just send me an email {see my profile} and state which version you would like; the detailed logo , the coloured logo, no logo, CWFF version {or all versions}.

This version would be good if you have the Region stickers from the WAGGGS shop!