Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Canadian Guider Craft Articles

Hello blog Readers! I'm back...

 view Canadian Guider Spring 2015 PDF 

Owl & Toadstool crafts have , once again, been published in the magazine, Canadian Guider, Spring 2015! Woo hooo! It is always so exciting to see my blog post ideas in print.   

Thank You 
Canadian Guider!

The magazine staff had viewed my blog post "The Guiding Law" circuit board and asked if I would contribute the idea to the magazine. Of course I said Yes!  They also liked some of my hat crafts and a Brownie badge banner.  Take a look!

This Circuit Board idea is an oldie! I had made one of these back in my elementary school days...probably science class.  I now have a detailed pdf if anyone is interested. 
Here are some Hat Crafts:  The Trefoil brooch, the Knapsack, the Seahorse brooch, and the Owl Note Holder are my original creations.  The Campfire is an old idea.  The Sleeping Bag and Bag of Ice are NOT my ideas...they are from the awesome site Making Friends.com.  {The article may read as if I created those two as well but I did not}.
This adorable Brownie Badge Banner belongs to my sister-in-law Jane.  She made it when she was a Brownie.  A shout out to Sharon for her cool Guide Badge Pillow...I love it!  These are fab ways to display badges and crests.
That's all for this post my Guiding friends!  

Have a Nice Day!