Tuesday, 22 March 2016

South Africa Promise & Law mini books

Hello...Happy Spring!  It is officially Spring here in this part of the world... but it doesn't feel like it.  March 21st, the second day of Spring, was a snow day for the school kids...no school because of the snow and ice pellets.   Hopefully, the weather will warm up and the snow will go...but we've got at least another month or so for that to happen in this part of Canada. Anyhoo, enough about the weather.

I thought I would share with you another set of mini promise books. This time they are for... 
South Africa

{Shout out to Melinda L  and the 1st Bergvliet Brownie Pack in Cape Town, South Africa for inspiring this set of mini books !}

South Africa Girl Guides Brownie Promise & Law, Guide Promise, and Teddies Promise mini books

These mini books may be helpful to the South Africa Girl Guides and also to Girl Guides in Canada and other WAGGGS members around the world.  {In my last post, I wrote about how my Guides were learning about the promise and laws from other WAGGGS member countries}.

Inside view of the South Africa Teddy promise book
Inside view of the South Africa Brownie Law mini book

For more information about Girl Guides South Africa  visit their website.

To view more of my Promise & Law mini books see the links below:

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Girl Guides Australia mini promise book: Guide Promise

A huge THANKS goes out to GGC {Girl Guides of Canada} for providing awesome clip art to be used by GGC Guiders. I have been using their clip art to enhance learning resources for the GGC program for several years.  Thank You!  {The teddy bear and South Africa flag are not from GGC clip art}
Happy Easter!
I hope those of you who celebrate Easter have a good long weekend!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Girl Guides World Guiding Badge and Lapbook

Hello!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our Guide Unit had recently completed the World Guiding Badge. There are eight questions and they must complete 6 of 8.  Question #2 of that badge asks to "Discover similarities or differences among the Girl Guides of five WAGGGS countries, such as their Promise and Law, uniforms or enrolment pins".  We chose to look at Mexico, Australia, England, Syria, and South Africa {one country from each of the five WAGGGS Regions}.

Learning about the Promise & Law of WAGGGS member countries is a lot to take in during a short weekly meeting time.  The important thing is to help the girls understand that all WAGGGS countries have a Promise, Law, Uniform, Pin etc and as a Guider we should lead them to discover that even though the words to various promises and laws are different they all have the same underlying meaning and spirit.  

Here is my approach on how to simplify this part of the badge: I made displays using file folders to show information about each of these countries' Promise, Law, and Uniform.  In doing so, this helped to familiarize myself with the info so that I could teach with some sort of credibility LOL.   As a group, we read the promise for each country, looked at photos of the uniforms, and learned a few points of interest about each one.  Just enough info so that they weren't overloaded.  We then passed the folders around so that everyone could have a closer look at the information.

We really like the new UK Guide Uniform.  Girlguiding UK worked with five young women who were studying 'Fashion and Children's Wear' at University. They were asked to design a 'fresh, comfortable range of clothing' for the Guides.  The designers spent a year consulting with Guides to come up with a new look and in 2014 the new Guide Uniform was launched. 
 In South Africa, their Spark aged Girl Guides are called Teddies. 
Our Guides thought that was such a cute name.
Our Guides were excited to learn about the Syrian Promise because of the Syrian Refugees relocating to Canada.
 We liked the Guias de Mexico uniforms.  
We liked the Australian Uniforms and also found out that units may choose their own unique name such as 'Rainbow Star Guides' or 'Dolphin Guides'.

I also included photos that some of you Owl & Toadstool viewers had sent to me over the past few years. The Guides loved seeing actual photos of other Guides and Brownies from around the world. Thank You!

We, of course, did Lapbooks for part of this World Guiding Badge.  The Guides were excited about this activity and couldn't wait to show them to their friends!  So, that covered question #3 of the badges "Help younger girls learn about Girl Guiding around the world by creating a game, storybook, colouring book, poster or display of your own choice".

I am with a new Guiding Unit this year so lapbooking was a new thing for this group.  I streamlined both World Guiding and Canadian Guiding badge activities into a one folder lapbook.  You can see in the right side of the above photo the page of images ...that covered question #1 of the Canadian Guiding badge ,"Find 10 interesting facts about the history of Guiding in Canada...".  They cut out the images and glued them into a layered book {top left corner of the lapbook}.  I found it best to explain one fact at a time and then they all glued that image into the book then we moved on to the next fact.

The layered book that says "Guiding Events" {bottom right corner of the lapbook in the photo above} covers question #5 of the Canadian Guiding badge, "Begin a scrapbook, journal, zine, comic book, photo album, or autograph book about guiding events".  This is a good place to record events etc. The girls decorated the pages of the layered book with GGC clip art.

Two of our Guiders are also our Co-District Commissioners so that covered question #4 of the Canadian Guiding badge, "Find out about other adult roles in Guiding". The girls asked them questions about what they do as Commissioners. 

Some of these Guiding Badges may seem to be quite in depth but if you break it down and cover portions of it over several meetings then eventually the badge will end up being completed.  Face it, some of our girl guides would never earn any badges if we did not do some as a group at our weekly meetings or at camp.  World Guiding and Canadian Guiding are two examples of badges that can be easily covered at meetings.

I hope this helps some of you with badge or program work.  It pays to do a little prep work before your meeting! Have a great day!

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Monday, 22 February 2016

The Five World Centres Song

Happy Thinking Day!  Hope you all had or will have an enjoyable World Thinking Day Celebration. Our District celebrated yesterday and it was so much fun!  The girls made hat crafts, painted ceramic tiles that will be put up on the wall at Camp Wohelo, and connected with GOTA {Guides on the Air} via Ham Radio...and of course CAKE!

Anywhooo...Here is the final cut of my song "The Five World Centres".  I taught this to my Guides and the Guiders last week and they enjoyed it.  I did not get a chance to video yet though so I can't explain the tune...but...here is a link to my original version so that you can see how it goes...

I have a pdf of this song available upon request via email.  Enjoy!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Five World Centres and Song

Hello Owl & Toadstool viewers! 
 Did you know that there is a Fifth World Centre? 
Yes, there is a fifth World Centre in Africa called Kusafiri.
The Fifth World Centre in Africa
"Kusafiri World Centre is a project exploring how WAGGGS can bring a World Centre experience using existing facilities in Africa. The ‘centre’ has no fixed site but changes location at every event, creating international experiences to girls and young women in different countries in Africa".

This fifth World Centre was established in 2010 and in October 2015 was officially named Kusafiri. Kusafiri means 'to journey' in Swahili.  For more information on how Kusafiri World Centre came to be see the above link.
The Five World Centres mini book
Kusafiri World Centre poster to be used with the Five World Centres mini book
I will need to change the name of my song "The Four World Centres"  to "The Five World Centres" to include Kusafiri.  What rhymes with Kusafiri...hmmm...LOL...I will come up with something.  I am not sure how to pronounce Kusafiri either...is it Ku-sa-furry or Ku-sa-feary??

by Guider Lee Ann 

Who knows about the four World Centres?
Who knows about the four World Centres?
Who knows about the four World Centres?
All the Girl Guides Do!

Pax Lodge, London England
Pax Lodge, London England
Pax Lodge, London England
And It's name means "Peace"


Swit-zer-land, has Our Chalet
Swit-zer-land, has Our Chalet
Swit-zer-land, has Our Chalet
"Shelter on the Mountain"


Sangam, near Pune India
Sangam, near Pune India
Sangam, near Pune India
It means "Coming Together"


Mex-i-co,  has Our Cabana
Mex-i-co,  has Our Cabana
Mex-i-co,  has Our Cabana
"A small Cabin by the Stream"


*Who knows about the four World Centres?
Who knows about the four World Centres?
Who knows about the four World Centres?
All the Girl Guides Do!

I've just updated the song and it sounds like this...
(the tune is a bit like Boa Constrictor}

The Five World Centres 
{lyrics by Lee Ann Fraser 2016}

Who knows ABOUT the Five World Centres? 
Who knows ABOUT the Five World Centres? 
Who Knows ABOUT the Five World Centres? 
All -the -Girl -Guides dooooo. 

(All the Girl Guides do-oo-oo is sung slower and "do" is a longer note.
 I do not know anything about writing lyrics or composing music so bare with me)

*New last verse*
Af-ri-ca has Ku-sa-fi-ri, 
Af-ri-ca has Ku-sa-fi-ri, 
Af-ri-ca has Ku-safi-ri. 
To-Jour-ney in Swa-hi-li.

(action for the new last verse is to alternately slap your hands on your thighs 
left-right-left-right to the beat to symbolize African drumming}

If you are totally confused about the tune and actions of 
my homemade song go to my original post

"The Four World Centres" video   

The updated Five World Centres Song 2016 Lyrics 

Hope you are all getting excited about Thinking Day!  
I know I am.  My new district is having an Event on the 21st.  Can't wait!

*If you would like to request any files from this blogspot 
please email leeannfraser at hot mail dot com*

Happy Thinking Day!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Doodle- Rangers

As promised...a doodle for Rangers. 

Rangers Doodle 2016#10a
Rangers Card Doodle 2016#10b

Rangers Doodle Card 

That's it for my 2016 Doodle series!
I hope you have just as much
fun colouring them as I did drawing them.

Thanks for visiting Owl & Toadstool !

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Doodle- Pathfinders

Up next in the Doodle series...Pathfinders!

Pathfinder Doodle 2016 #9a

Pathfinder Doodle Card 2016 #9b

Pathfinder Doodle Card 
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There is one more post in the Doodle Series.  
It is for Rangers! Stay tuned.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Doodle- Guides

Next up in the Doodle series ...Guides!

Guides Doodle 2016#8a
Guides Doodle Card 2016#8b
Guides Doodle Card
This is the back of the Doodle Card
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Tune in tomorrow for a Pathfinder Doodle!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Doodle- Brownies

This doodle was fun to do because of the owl and toadstool!

Brownies Doodle 2016#7a
Brownies Doodle Card
Brownies Doodle Card 2016#7b

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Doodle- Sparks

Helloo! Here is a Sparks Doodle and Card...Enjoy!

Sparks Doodle 2016#6a
Sparks Doodle Card 2016#6b
As you can tell I find doodling so much fun to do!  
I will post doodles similar to the Sparks doodle for 
Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, 
and Rangers throughout this week.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Doodle- Girl Guides

Helloo! on this lovely first day of February 2016. Thank you all for the positive feedback on the doodles.  They are so much fun to create.  I've got six more doodles left to post this week.  They all look similar to the doodle below but have the GGC branch names. Enjoy!

Girl Guides Doodle 2016#5a

Girl Guides Doodle Card 2016#5b
Girl Guides Doodle Card- Blank inside 
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PS...Any Owl & Toadstool viewers a Guider with Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Units? If so, please email me leeannfraser {at} hotmail {dot} com.  I just moved to Bridgewater a few weeks ago and may like to check out Guiding in Bridgewater!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Doodle- Guiding Wagggs

Another doodle...

"Doodle 2016 #4a"
Doodle Card- "Doodle 2016 #4b"

Doodle Card - Guiding Wagggs
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Doodles- Thinking Day

More doodles to share!

If you would like to request the above doodle refer to it as "Doodle 2016#2a" 
Thinking Day Card "Doodle 2016#2b"
Thinking Day Connect 2016- "Doodle 2016#3"
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Coming up soon... oodles of  Doodles!