Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- Boy Scout books

Found this old 1948 Boy Scout story book at a 
yardsale a few years ago.  It is in great shape.  
I think I paid 50 cents for it.
This Boy Scout series of books date back to 1913.  I got these in a junk shop in New Glasgow for a buck each.  They are in great shape.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brownies Key To Girl Guides

The Brownies played a World Flag relay game to help them learn about the meaning behind all the parts of the World flag.  There were two groups of Brownies and they had to go through and obstacle course to retrieve the pieces of the World Flag puzzle.  Each group had two dice , a world flag card {purchased from the GGC store for $0.15}, and a card listing the pieces of the puzzle with a corresponding number.  The girls had to roll the dice to determine which piece of the puzzle they had to retrieve {they continued to roll until they got a number that wasn't already played}.  Then they had to go through the obstacle course and retrieve the piece from an Owl leader but they had to say the meaning of the piece before it was given to them...for example they would say "I need the flame that represents love and humanity" or " I need the leaves that represent the three fold promise" etc. One of our Guides came to the Brownies' meeting to set up the relay game as part the Leadership component of the Guide Program.
The Brownies were given this colouring sheet as a take home activity. {available upon request via email leeannfraser at hotmail dot com} 
We also sang an action song...
The Four World Centres 
that I wrote a few years ago...
you can find the updated 
"Five World Centres Song"
lyrics here and video here.

World Centres fruit salad...another fun and easy game to play to learn about the four World Centres.  Arrange chairs in a large spread out circle. One chair per person sitting and one person stands in the middle.  Everyone is given a name of one of the World Centres...try to spread out the names so that there is close to an even number of each Centre distributed among the players. Then the person standing in the center of the circle calls out a World Centre...then all those who have been given that name must change seats {but you can't sit in the seat right next to where you last sat}.  The person in the center of the circle has to run for a seat too...thus creating a new caller in the center.  If "World Centres" is called then everyone must change seats.   

This type of game can be used for any subject {food names, constellations, LadyBP/BP/Agnes etc. Anything would work.  {Some kids...and leaders...forget which group they were assigned to so I think I will make up a set of cards with different names to hand out just to help us to remember!}  Add actions to the group names to slow things down.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guides' Auction/Skits

The Guides are working towards the "You and Others" program area. At our last meeting they had "learned about Leadership in a Group"...

{part #2 Play a game that explores how groups work together.  Create a scenario where a group has to come to an agreement to deal with conflict, make decisions or solve problems

To complete this task Guider Krista found a really fun idea on line.  The activity was an Auction.  The girls had to bid on items that they would use at an outer space colony.  They worked together in Patrols and could pool their money {monopoly money}if needed.  

The idea was to work together in a group and share the leadership.  At the end of the Auction the items that each Patrol group bid on were then used for something totally different...they had to do a skit using those items.  The skits had to show conflict resolution/decision making/or problem solving.  {I used these fun computer programs "Photo to Cartoon" and Photoscape to alter the pics}.

The Guides enjoyed doing the Auction and Skits {our Guides really enjoy doing skits...Whenever we do skits we usually have the Sparks as our audience}. 
 It was so much fun!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- Brownie books

I came across two of these Brownies' story books at various yardsales over the past few years...and one I got from a"free bin" at the NS Council GGC office. They are cute , easy to read, life lesson type stories.  At the end of each book is an idea page with a fun activity to try.  There are twelve books in the series.  The Author of the first six books, Jane O'Connor, is the same author as the Fancy Nancy juvenile series of books.   Marcia Leonard is the author of the juvenile series Kids On Bus Five, and Splish Splash of the Rainbow Fish & Friends series.  I will certainly keep an eye out for the rest of the  
Here Come the Brownies series!

 1Corrie's Secret PalJane O'Connor
 2Sarah's Incredible IdeaJane O'Connor
 3Make Up Your Mind, Marsha!Jane O'Connor
 4Amy's (Not So) Great Camp-OutJane O'Connor
 5Think, Corrie, Think!Jane O'Connor
 6Lauren and the New BabyJane O'Connor
 7Take a Bow, Krissy!Marcia Leonard
 8Is That Really You, Amy?Marcia Leonard
 9Lights Out, Sarah!Marcia Leonard
 10Marsha's Unbearable DayMarcia Leonard
 11Jo Ann and the Surprise PartyMarcia Leonard
 12Krissy and the Big SnowMarcia Leonard

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- GGC mugs

I found these Girl Guides of Canada mugs at various yardsales.  The two on the top were found last September at a yardsale near Arisaig.  I found two of the blue mugs and the International Echo Valley 88 mug at the same sale for $0.25 cents each. The 90's style Brownies mug was found for 25 cents at a yardsale when I lived in Saskatoon in the mid to late 1990's   {Yes...I have yardsaled in Nova Scotia, PEI, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  I hear yardsales in Ontario are really good!}

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- GGC Pins

These pins were found at a local Church fleamarket last October.  They were mixed in with a bunch of other handpainted wooden crafty brooch type pins {various holiday themed brooches that looked like they belonged to a teacher}.  I wasn't going to bother looking through the entire container but I did and low and behold there were these two Girl Guides of Canada pins.  The person working at the fleamarket offered to sell the entire container for $2 so I bought it.  I added the other crafty type brooches to the weekly prize box for the Guides and the few metal pins to my collection.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- Brownie craft books

I found these Brownies' craft books at various locations...a couple at Value Village, one at a yardsale, and one was a gift from a Brownie a few years ago {she knew that I loved doing crafts and she found one of these at the Op Shop and bought it for thoughtful}. The books were published in 1988. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Girl Guides of Canada Uniform 2012

WOW! Just got an email from Girl Guides of Canada introducing the new GGC Uniform for all Branches!  That is such a surprise. I did not know a new uniform was being designed.  {I did however receive an email a few months ago ...a survey about a new Guider's Tie}. I like the new look...but so many girls JUST got their uniform in September...I guess there has got to be an overlap at some point.  I see that Brownies has gone back to brown {getting rid of the peachy orange} I like it.

Here is the original email from Girl Guides of Canada to Guiders and Commissioners 04April 2012:
Girl Guides of Canada is thrilled to be introducing this fall a stylish new Girl Guide-blue uniform T-shirt that unites all girl branches of Guiding. Girls in Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers will all be instantly recognizable as part of the same dynamic organization when wearing the new T-shirt. 

The T-shirt’s contemporary design will allow girls to participate in the wide range of activities that Guiding is all about – whether they are planting trees in a community garden, volunteering at their local food bank, canoeing down a river, or engaging with local politicians.
The redesign of the uniform T-shirt was an extensive and collaborative process. The uniform was designed with input from the Guiding community, including a national uniform survey completed by more than 7,000 girl Members. In designing the uniform, we’ve listened to what girls say they want to wear – a uniform that is modern, practical and comfortable – so that they can show their pride in being a Girl Guide.
An email will be sent to families this week introducing the new T-shirt. Girls can continue to wear their old uniform T-shirt until they outgrow it or move up to the next branch of Guiding. The new T-shirts (as well as new ties for Sparks and Brownies and new badge sashes for Sparks) will be available at by early September. The adult uniform is not changing at this time. 
For more information, please check our new uniform FAQs.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Yardsale Haul- Girl Guides Annual

I found this nifty hardcover book, 
The Girl Guides' Annual, at a used 
bookstore about ten years ago.  It has 
useful stories, craft ideas, outdoor skills, 
patrol games etc.