Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Girl Guides of Canada Uniform 2012

WOW! Just got an email from Girl Guides of Canada introducing the new GGC Uniform for all Branches!  That is such a surprise. I did not know a new uniform was being designed.  {I did however receive an email a few months ago ...a survey about a new Guider's Tie}. I like the new look...but so many girls JUST got their uniform in September...I guess there has got to be an overlap at some point.  I see that Brownies has gone back to brown {getting rid of the peachy orange} I like it.

Here is the original email from Girl Guides of Canada to Guiders and Commissioners 04April 2012:
Girl Guides of Canada is thrilled to be introducing this fall a stylish new Girl Guide-blue uniform T-shirt that unites all girl branches of Guiding. Girls in Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers will all be instantly recognizable as part of the same dynamic organization when wearing the new T-shirt. 

The T-shirt’s contemporary design will allow girls to participate in the wide range of activities that Guiding is all about – whether they are planting trees in a community garden, volunteering at their local food bank, canoeing down a river, or engaging with local politicians.
The redesign of the uniform T-shirt was an extensive and collaborative process. The uniform was designed with input from the Guiding community, including a national uniform survey completed by more than 7,000 girl Members. In designing the uniform, we’ve listened to what girls say they want to wear – a uniform that is modern, practical and comfortable – so that they can show their pride in being a Girl Guide.
An email will be sent to families this week introducing the new T-shirt. Girls can continue to wear their old uniform T-shirt until they outgrow it or move up to the next branch of Guiding. The new T-shirts (as well as new ties for Sparks and Brownies and new badge sashes for Sparks) will be available at by early September. The adult uniform is not changing at this time. 
For more information, please check our new uniform FAQs.

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