Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guides' Auction/Skits

The Guides are working towards the "You and Others" program area. At our last meeting they had "learned about Leadership in a Group"...

{part #2 Play a game that explores how groups work together.  Create a scenario where a group has to come to an agreement to deal with conflict, make decisions or solve problems

To complete this task Guider Krista found a really fun idea on line.  The activity was an Auction.  The girls had to bid on items that they would use at an outer space colony.  They worked together in Patrols and could pool their money {monopoly money}if needed.  

The idea was to work together in a group and share the leadership.  At the end of the Auction the items that each Patrol group bid on were then used for something totally different...they had to do a skit using those items.  The skits had to show conflict resolution/decision making/or problem solving.  {I used these fun computer programs "Photo to Cartoon" and Photoscape to alter the pics}.

The Guides enjoyed doing the Auction and Skits {our Guides really enjoy doing skits...Whenever we do skits we usually have the Sparks as our audience}. 
 It was so much fun!

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