Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Guides World Guiding Badge Lapbook


The Guides earned the "World Guiding" Badge last week. {This week we are off because of March Break}.  This badge took a while to earn.  We did parts in February and March.  We also completed the "You In Guiding" Program Area badges.  We combined both "You In Guiding" with the "World Guiding" badge and created a World Guiding Lapbook. {A Lapbook is a file folder filled with mini booklets and activities}.  If you have any questions about Lapbooking please leave a comment.

Lapbook cover
- you can add a title and images for decoration
Lapbook Inside View
- lots of mini books, puzzles, pockets, pictures
Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Wartime 
Layered Mini Book
WAGGGS/World Centres/CWFF Mini Book
A Pocket to hold various Mini Books
A Mini Envelope to hold things
History Fortune Teller/Cootie Catcher Game
Inside View
Mini Song Book
Inside View- 
Guides' Opening and Closing Songs 
{French and English}
Passport from Thinking Day Celebration 
with Mini Postcards
This Colouring page of Lady Baden-Powell flips up to reveal her information...image and info found in the Brownie Program book 1995.
Underneath the image of LBP are more collage photos {found through google search}
This is a Puzzle...the circle is folded into 4ths then one fourth is glued to the Lapbook so that it can be opened.  The Puzzle pieces are in a mini baggie attached with a paperclip. Remove the paperclip then open the circle then add the pieces. {not sure where I found this puzzle}
This may be left as a puzzle for future use or the pieces may be glued on
World Flag Card {purchased from the GGC store}held in place by photo corners 
so that the card can be removed
The back of the card explains the parts of the World Flag
Promise and Law Wordsearch folded and glued to Lapbook so that it can be opened
One square of the page was glued to the Lapbook to keep it in place
This is a colouring sheet of Uniforms fan folded into a Mini Book {found in the Guide Programme book 1985}
The colouring sheet of Uniforms is quite long...
a fan folded Mini Book works well
One end of the fan fold was glued to the Lapbook to keep it in place
A GGC Bookmark was clipped to the back flap
A second folder may be attached to the back flap if doing the Canadian Guiding Badge.  In this case I would have info about Casa Loma, Lady Pellatt, the GGC Cookie Story, and other GGC history.
I had precut and pre folded most of these items.  It would take a really long time if the girls did all the cutting and folding.  I would rather do the prep work and allow more time for the girls to learn about what they are gluing into the Lapbook.  This took the Guides about an hour to complete..spread over a couple of meetings.  

The Girl Guides in Wartime layered book was an entire meeting in November.   The passport booklet was from our Thinking Day celebration.  The colouring of the uniforms and the wordsearch are meant to be done at home.  

The Guides expressed that they thought this was a really cool activity!  That is enough motivation to keep doing Lapbooking at Guides!  {I would suggest only doing 2 per year since it is time consuming}.

I will soon post other Lapbooks that we did in previous years at Brownies .

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