Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day! CIGA

In honour of St Patrick's Day I thought I would 
share in the sisterhood of Guiding in Ireland.  
The Council of Irish Guiding Association CIGA
Here is their logo : 
Council of Irish Guiding Associations
I noticed they have three Guiding Associations in Ireland:

Member of C.I.G.A
CGI have members in both the 
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Member of C.I.G.A
IGG have members in the Republic of Ireland

Girlguiding Ulster is a region of Girlguiding UK

So, check out the links to these Irish Guiding Associations. You can look at their Promise and Law, Branches of Guiding, Uniforms, badges, pins and other info. The Catholic Guides of Ireland has a link to their Guider Magazine.  You can view the PDF version of the magazine...lots of great stuff!


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