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Thinking Day February 22nd Activities

Our Sparks, Brownies, and Guides gathered together to celebrate Thinking Day...a day late on Feb 23 since that happened to be our Guide night.   We had several stations set up and the girls went around to do the activities...which focused mainly on the four World Centres and World Guiding.  Then we had an indoor campfire which included a "World Flag Recipe" skit put on by the Guides... followed by World Centres fruit salad game.  After the fun and games we sang Happy Birthday to Lord and Lady BP then ate cake!  We only had 1:15hr to celebrate!

The Sparks, Brownies, and Guides were given a little Passport and a pencil. The title "Passport" was colour coded for each branch of Guiding. They were instructed to go around to all of the stations to learn about the World Centres and World Guiding.  There was a Guider/Owl posted at each station.  After completing the activities they got their Passport stamped then moved on to the next station. The rest of the pages in the Passport were used for collecting autographs from each person in attendance which promoted mingling among new friends.
At this station they had to locate the World Centres and other WAGGGS countries on the globe {electronic talking globe}.  Also there were some International Sparks Paper Doll uniforms at this station.  They got two stamps here.
I had printed these Paper dolls and uniforms about 10 years ago when I was  a Spark leader {yes, I save everything!} I do not know where they came from...the site is probably gone by now.  But they are really cute.  I glued the doll on cardboard to make it last longer...well it lasted 10 years so far.
This photo is a Canadian Spark..the blue apron is a Daisy USA uniform.  Our Canadian Spark uniform is still the same  but I do not know about the others...they may have changed over the past 10 years. 

Top Left to Right
Gumnut Australia
Beaver Netherlands
Pippin New Zealand
Bottom Left to Right:
Teddy South Africa
Rainbow UK
Lady Bird Ireland
Canadian Flag rubber stamp with red ink
"Journey" rubber stamp with black ink. 
{I got this stamper in a GeoCache trade}
At the England station we had a Pax Lodge info poster, photos of our pen pals "5th Nuneaton Brownies", a world map, paper dolls with UK Brownies Uniform, and ink/ stamper. The girls had fun playing with the paper dolls and Uniforms. {These were found on making have several paper dolls with paper uniforms, international clothes, and a bunch of other types of paper doll outfits}.

UK Brownie Uniform
 English Rose rubber stamp with red ink
The Switzerland station had an Our Chalet info poster {I had made these info posters about 5 years ago and have used them pretty much every year since}.  I couldn't find any paper dolls for this country nor the Guiding Uniform so here they had to locate Switzerland on a map, read the info and get a stamp.

Snowflake foam Stamper with silver ink

The Mexico station had an Our Cabana info poster, paper dolls with traditional Mexican clothes {I couldn't find the Mexican Guiding uniform for the paper dolls}, world map,  and ink with stamper.
Traditional Mexican clothes
Mexican Sombrero rubber stamp with orange ink

The station for India had a Sangam Info poster, a world map, Paper Dolls with Guide Uniform and traditional clothing, and an elephant rubber stamp with pink ink.
  Traditional Indian dress and Bulbul Uniform
Elephant rubber stamp with pink ink
The colours of Canadian Guiding
At this station the Girl Guides had learned about the different Branches of Girl Guides of Canada.  We had  GGC store catalogues opened to the pages of each branches' uniform.  You can also see in this pic three Girl Guide dolls in uniform.  The girls made an easy and quick hat craft at this station too.  They chose a coloured bead to represent each of the GGC branches of Guiding { Pink=Sparks, Orange=Brownies, Blue= Guides, Red=Rangers, Blue=Guiders/Owls} and put them on a large safety pin {another smaller pin was used so that it would hang flat}.
Hat Craft
 Around the room were several posters of 
International Brownie uniforms from 1985. 

Canada 1985
United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Northern Ireland 1985

We also had a couple of similar Uniform posters 
from 1974 but I don`t have a photo of those yet.

After about 20 minutes of free range learning 
at the stations we gathered around the campfire
for about 20 minutes of singing.
My little plug in campfire...
got lots of use over the years!
Guides performed a skit during campfire ...
World Flag Recipe Skit
Fire Owl  made this beautiful cake but I did not get a chance to snap a picture before it was cut.  It was the Earth, with the green land and blue water icing.  It was really nice and yummy!  Fire Owl's Brownie daughter helped to decorate it.
A very helpful Guide delivered the cake around to everyone on this cart!

Hope you all had a fun 
Thinking Day celebration!

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