Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yardsale Haul- Brownie Uniform

For those of you who know me , know that I LOVE yardsales and thrifty finds.  I started taking photos of my Yardsale Hauls last year and so I thought I would share with you some of my Girl Guide finds.  I found this 1990's Brownie Uniform at a community fleamarket in the country.  Our current uniform is an orange T-shirt with navy blue sleeves.  Our tie has changed and the badge sash is now navy blue.  We no longer use the belt and pouch which is a shame because they were so cute!  This ensemble was $2.00...  What a bargain!

Once I go through all the pics on my computer then I can post more Yardsale Finds!  Yardsale season will be starting in a few weeks in this town and I just can't wait!  Leave a Comment if you too have found any Girl Guide stuff at Yardsales/fleamarkets/thrift stores.

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