Saturday, 3 March 2012

Brownies Science Night

The Brownies went to their annual Science Night at the University 27 usual it was a blast!  They had fun with the enthusiastic Instructors who delivered hands on experiments and demonstrations. A portion of this Science Night was tailored to meet the requirements of the SSSS Badge {Sound,Surround, Soothe, Stimulate}.  I took a lot of pics that night but I try not to post too many with the girls face directly.  Also, cropping makes the pics a bit blurry...but here is what I could salvage from the event!  Enjoy!
Making sound waves on a stretched Slinky toy
Making a Kazoo musical instrument with these supplies
Pieces of plastic straw were used as spacers
The Lab was buzzing with the sound of the Kazoos!
Paper Chromatography using a coffee filter and water based markers
Adding water separated the colours in the ink creating a colourful effect
Writing Secret messages with Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink revealed with a spritz of ammonia found in glass cleaner
Exothermic Reaction Experiment
Salt +Baking soda = a hot orange reaction!

 Listening carefully for further instructions

Elephant's Toothpaste demonstration

I ordered these free zipper pulls for the girls online


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