Thursday, 20 February 2014

4 World Centres Western Hemisphere minibook

Happy World Thinking Day!  I know....I did not get around to doing my Thinking Day post.  Time {and colds and family} has a way of sneaking up on us doesn't it?  So I thought I would atleast post something.  Hopefully, some of you will be able to use this in the future.  I edited my 4 World Centres minibook to make it usable by all WAGGGS Western Hemisphere countries, not just Canada.  So here it is, kinda late!

The above version is the result from an email with New Zealand Guider, Anna. {Hi Anna! is amazing that I get to converse with Guiders from all over the world because of this Blog!} Anna liked the original version of my minibook but inquired about changing it to suit her country.  It was simple to change so I had offered to do the edit.  Anna had sent me an image to replace my Canadian content...CWFF page...and this is the Asia Pacific Region version.  I aim to make one for each WAGGGS region.

Well, that's all for today my friends.  Happy World Thinking Day to all 10 million of you! Wow that's alot of members!  Have a fun day Saturday!