Saturday, 28 March 2015

Spring/Easter Crafts

The first week of Spring has gone by but I think it has forgotten about the Maritime Provinces!  We are still buried deep in snow.  Absolutely no sign of Spring but at least now we are out of the deep freeze.

Here are a few Spring/Easter crafts to remind us that it actually is Spring here in Atlantic Canada.
Chick and original creation.
Made from an egg carton, paper straw, pompom, felt, pipe cleaner, feathers, ribbon, google eyes, glue.
I'm not sure where I found this Pompom Bunny idea.  I think it was a kit.
This Clothespin Bunny idea came from a craft magazine years ago.
Again, not sure where I came across this Easter Chick magnet idea 

Back in 2003, the local Pathfinder Guider had asked me to make up a compilation of craft ideas for them to sell at the Provincial Conference Ideas Market.  This Easter Chick was one of the entries. I have the pdf version of this craft as well as the entire booklet if anyone is interested. {The booklet is 15 pages}.

I had made this craft with two different Guide Units that I had been volunteering with. We had given the Chicks to Nursing Homes to add to the meal trays.

I think this idea, quite possibly, may have come from Sydney Mines, NS Guiders back in 1999...but not 100% sure.

Spring Yarn Bug craft idea from the Making Friends site.  
This is the hat that I had created for the Anne Challenge but could easily be made into an Easter Bonnet just by adding some flowers.
This little wooden frog from the Dollarama on a fun foam lily pad is my creation...perhaps a Spring Peeper?

This adorable pair of little bunny slippers is an idea found on the Making Friends website. Go here to see the instructions. So cute!

I sure hope that all of this snow melts soon so that we can get on with Spring!
Happy Easter!

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