Monday, 17 October 2011

Brownie Dues & Attendance...and Crafts

 Wise Owl Lori-Anne found this neat 
little pink toy holder at Frenchy's and 
thought it would be perfect for organizing
the Brownies' Dues each week.

Cookie Owl worked her amazing magic 
and made up this cute little system. Each pouch is
labelled with the Brownies' name.  Laminated Owl cards
are provided and are placed inside the pouch
 to signify  attendance for that week. 
As the girls arrive they put in an owl card and
their $1 dues.  This is a great way to keep track of
the dues and attendance ...and cuts out on the 
weekly question and response... "Owl, Owl, Where do I put
my dues? "..."Just keep it in your pocket until we are ready".
Now they know the routine!

Cookie Owl made up these
cute litte name tags for the Brownies
using GGC Clipart.  We collect the name tags
at the end of the night...put them in a gift bag
...then randomly pick out a tag to determine
the weekly prize draw winner.  When a Brownie wears her
uniform, pays the dues, and is well behaved that night
she has a chance to win a prize.  We have a treasure
box full of prizes that were either picked up at yardsales
or the dollarama or donated by my sister Michele.
A great way to encourage the Brownies to
wear their uniform, pay dues, behave well, and
 leave their name tag behind!

Cookie Owl did a cute little SPIDER craft this week

It's getting close to HALLOWEEN week will be our Halloween Party.
Since Halloween is on a Monday night
this year we will not have a meeting that week.

Yes...the Owls get to do CRAFTS
too! We like to have fun!

This is the craft idea White Owl provided for Thanksgiving.
Little turkeys...some were grey some where brown.
The Brownies loved making these...and made them
with ease from dollarama craft clay.  They formed
the body, added the eyes, feathers, feet and
waddle thingy.  So adorable!  Thanks White Owl!

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