Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lord Baden-Powell Facts Robin Activity

Hello Blogland!  Here is another activity to use with my Girl Guide Lapbook.  It is a Lord Baden-Powell facts activity.  The reason why I made it to look like a Robin is because LBP gave BP the nickname ROBIN.  He would even sometimes draw a robin  and use that as his signature.  He was quite an accomplished artist.  Did you know that he did the illustrations for his book Scouting For Boys?  I have a pdf version of the "Facts About Lord Baden-Powell"  activity for anyone who would like to use it. {I have two pdf versions...one is three pages...and a larger one for demonstration is 9 pages}

The Facts are typed on eggs..then attached with a paper fastener {brad} to the Robin to resemble the bird's body.  Pre punch the hole to prevent tearing.

 I chose 15 facts for this activity.  
You could choose less if you like or add more.

Yes! I have way too much fun 
making these activities!

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