Saturday, 26 January 2013

Girl Guides Australia Guides Promise mini book


Today is Australia Day!  
Happy Australia Day to all the
Australian Girl Guides
Girl Guides Australia has a new 
Promise & Law...check it out!


"Since 1996 all members have been referred to as Guides. The younger girls (formerly Gumnut Guides aged 5-6 years and Brownie Guides aged 7- 11 years) love being known as Guides and having the opportunities to choose the name of their Unit. In some areas girls have decided to keep the name Brownie or Gumnut or Ranger as a tradition in their Unit name while others have chosen names such as the Dolphin Guides, Bilby Guides, Junior or Senior Guides. Unit names will usually contain the name of the area as well" source

Guider Shelly from Australia liked my Guide Promise Minibook so I made one for her using the Australian Guides new Promise! Enjoy this activity Shelly!  Hopefully other Australian Guiders will use this activity too!

Update: Feb 2015. Go here for the Australia Guide Promise & Law Wordsearch

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