Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Owl and Toadstool Ornaments

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
from Owl & Toadstool  !
Here are pics of my owl and toadstool ornaments on my Christmas tree and also from around my house. Most of my owls were gifts from my sister over the past few years...some new this year!  As you can see I like Owls and Toadstools! I have always liked owls and toadstools but I really started to like them even more when I was Brown Owl for Brownies.
This jeweled Owl is gorgeous!
A gift from my niece Rebecca this year...
6 in the pack ...Love them!
I bought 12 of  these Toadstools at Walmart this week
I made this wreath last year...
100 sandwich baggies tied to a coat hanger

These are Stephen's skates from the early 1970's
Dollarama tree and toadstools...Owls from yardsale
Although not an Owl nor a Toadstool this ornament is a Girl Guide ornament...Girl Guides Angel from the former GGC Nova Scotia store...a gift from my mother a few years ago.
I hope to blog about Girl Guide activities soon!  I have a few more Lapbook activities to share!  Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season! 

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