Monday, 10 December 2012

More Christmas Crafts...

Angel: Wood Plug for Head, fabric dress, 
bead halo,ribbon bow and wings
Beaded Star made by my Niece Chelsea
Cinnamon Stick painted Santa
Santa: Peg Clothespin, embroidery floss, 
cotton ball belly, half Popsicle stick arms
{update 26 July 2013: I found the instruction sheet 
for this Clothespin Santa if anyone is interested}
Santa: Crochet? Knitted? I can never tell!
Angel:  Wooden Bell body, moss hair, wood heart wings, feathers
Pin Cushion: baby food jar, fabric, potpourri, stuffing, ribbon
Mini wooden Chalkboard:  Paint

Festive stick people: paint, add a face
Lee Ann & Stephen S'mores! made by 
my nephew Jonathan from fun foam shapes
Gingerbread Man: Plastic Canvas, yarn, mini pompoms
Frosty:  Snowman wood shape, paint Made by Stephen
Snowman:  Wood spool, wood block, paint, fabric scrap, snow
Christmas Mouse:  a gift from Aunt- in -Law Joan
Birdhouse:  1" dowel, wood scraps, plastic bird, paint, glitter
More to come once I dig them out of the Christmas storage bin!

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