Thursday, 13 December 2012

Community Service Fun

The Guides were busy last week making these cards for seniors...100 in Total!
We also crafted these mini Wreaths to give out to the local Seniors. {I created this craft idea a few years ago when I was Brown Owl} We used the plastic blue ring from a 4L water jug... wrapped it with a Chenille pipe cleaner ...then glued on a bow. There are many colour combinations as you can see.  Such a fun, quick and easy craft...and feasible!

The Guides joined the Brownies for a visit to the RK MacDonald Nursing Home in Antigonish.  They sang carols together, enjoyed a snack together, and then handed out the cards and wreaths to the residents.  {The Brownies had painted plaster ornaments to give to the residents but I do not have a photo}. It was nice to see how much the residents and Girl Guides enjoyed mingling together.  We all had a really good time! I could hear comments such as "its so nice to hear the children singing".  

A few of the residents had told us that they too were once a Girl Guide or a Girl Guide Leader many years ago. One lady was once a Guider in New Brunswick in the 1940's.  Another woman said she was an Antigonish Guide Leader in 1938! She had taken the Guides to New Glasgow for the Royal Visit back in the late 1930's...and the Queen stopped to talk to her! That was a great honour and she will never forget the experience.

Girl Guide history lies deep within our Communities for over 100 years.  Many woman were/are involved with Guiding and had/have daughters/nieces/granddaughters/sisters/mothers/aunts, as members of Girl Guides.  Providing community service such as visiting Nursing Homes not only offers a sense of community involvement and giving, but an opportunity for our Girl Guides to interact with members of long ago and to learn first hand of local stories from Girl Guides past!

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