Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Keep calm posters

Have you seen those Keep Calm posters that are all over Pinterest? I those posters!... so I made one...and had so much fun that I had to make more... CRAZY I know! The clipart {except the flowers and tree} are from GGC.  I will probably just use these in my Guider Smashbook, or maybe use the cookie posters during cookie sales,  perhaps give them to the Guides for scrapbooking or make them into a magnet craft.  Not exactly sure what I will use them for...they are just for fun!


Source for the tree image


"Keep Calm" Crests available!
Check out their Pinterest boards too!

  Guider Jodi from Winnipeg sent this crest to me.
  I ♥ it! Thanks Jodi

KEEP CALM and have a nice day!

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