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Brownies: Aboriginal Badge Lapbook

Since we are fast approaching National Aboriginal Day in Canada {21 June} I thought a post featuring a Lapbook that I had made with my former Brownies would be fitting. You may have already viewed a couple of these pics on my website two years ago but I have added the details in this post. This lapbook covers a portion of the requirements for the Brownies' Aboriginal People in Canada badge.   
"In cooperation with national Aboriginal organizations, the Government of Canada designated June 21 National Aboriginal Day. This date was chosen because it corresponds to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and because for generations, many Aboriginal groups have celebrated their culture and heritage at this time of year." Source

This is a single folder lapbook that took one meeting to complete {including game time}.  Quick and easy for Brownie age!  I added  cardstock to the cover which has a colouring page ..the title is hand printed...and the badge image is from the Brownie program book.
Inside flap {which is part of the cardstock that was glued to the cover}... top left corner... is a pic of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell visiting the Sarcee Reserve in Alberta...flicker image.
The pink square says Aboriginal People in Canada...which flips up to reveal the Aboriginal people in Canada...
Inuit/M├ętis/First Nations.  

Bottom left corner of the lapbook shows a yellow pocket card holding a couple of activity is Aboriginal invention/contribution cards...and the other an Inuit song.  I have the file for these if anyone is interested but the original Source is no longer available.
I think I got this song at a 2003 Guider Conference training session...the name says Diane Kannegieter Chilliwack BC... so Diane if you are reading this Thanks!
The layered book {using 3 different coloured papers} holds various pictures of Aboriginal culture.  There are tons of images available if you do a google search.  
These are the images that I chose for the layered book.

We played an Inuit blanket toss game which was really fun! It requires blankets and items such as a stuffed animal or a Guide Doll to toss...there are two or three teams each with a blanket {4 members per team to hold a corner of the blanket}then they toss the doll from blanket to blanket.
The pink envelope holds pieces of a paper puzzle that forms into an Inuksuk {I've seen it spelled Inuksuk and Inukshuk}. I used part of this image on the cover.  Go here for printable.

The center of the lapbook has yellow cardstock...I always attach cardstock to the center of the folders for extra support.  The banner, "Share in the Celebration" is a free bookmark that was found online.  

The five neon coloured squares {a notepad from Dollarama} show Aboriginal symbols which flip up to reveal their meaning.  {If I can find the source of these images I will update the post}

Then I added the lyrics to "Land of the Silver Birch" {the yellow fan folded paper} which all the girls enjoyed singing.
The right inside flap of the Lapbook shows a West Coast Totem Pole colouring page, which was cut and pasted after it was coloured. This file is available upon request.

This page came from a colouring book...but I did not find any copyright info...just the name "I'm Proud to Call CANADA My Home...History of Canada Colouring Book"...with the Home Hardware store logo.{I got this at a yardsale years ago}.
Below is the back cover of the Lapbook...with a fun colouring activity...Go here for printable.

I found that it was best to tell the Brownies about each item as it was being passed to them...then they glued it into their Lapbook.  They were shown where to glue each item so that all the pieces would fit in the lapbook.  The colouring was done at the end since that took the most time.  This was a quick and easy Lapbook to do with Brownie aged girls. This Lapbook can easily be adapted to suit Guide age girls.

 Educational and fun to make!


Here is a sample of a Dream Catcher hat craft that I had made a few years ago...from a 4L water jug ring and yarn/feathers/bead.  We did not make this at Brownies but thought I would post it here anyway.
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