Friday, 2 November 2012

Girl Guides in Wartime

Hello readers! Remember this layered book from my "Guides World Guiding Badge" lapbook post?  I now have PDFs ready with the printables that I had used for my Girl Guides in Wartime meeting. This meeting is appropriate for November since Remembrance Day is just around the corner.  It includes pages to hang on the wall and their mini version of pics used to put in the layered book as well as the meeting plan.  Go back to my post , "The Role of Girl Guides During Wartime", for a little more insight about how my idea for this meeting evolved.

Here is the Lapbook Lessons video of how to make a layered book. {This person shows a 3 paged layered book but I used 4 pages in mine}. 

If you are interested in my Girl Guides in Wartime meeting plan you may email leeannfraser at hotmail dot com.

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