Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Guides Halloween Craft

About five years ago I bought this Halloween craft at a yardsale.  {It was $1.00 and too cute to pass up}.  I thought it would be fun to make at Girl Guides but at that time I was Brown Owl for Brownies...and this craft would be a little too difficult for Brownie aged girls to make.  So, now that I am a Guide Guider again I thought that we could tackle this craft. {For those of you who follow my blog know that I am trying to downsize my craft room and had half the suppies needed for this craft already!}  I had just enough orange fabric left over from a sewing project many years ago...and I already had three bags of the stuffing that I had picked up at a yardsale ...I  had the burlap out in my garden shed... enough 2L pop bottles on their way to the recycle depot...had the needles and thread...and lots of plastic spiders/bats that my sister had sent from Edmonton for the Guides last Fall.  I had to purchase some stuff though:  nylons for the face and hands, black felt for the hat and eyes, black fabric for the cape, broom supplies, craft fur for the hair, hot glue sticks, and a wooden base.  Hubby came home from work with free plywood for the base and he had cut it into 6x6 squares for us {woo hoo!}. 
I had decided to do some prep work first since we always run out of time at our meetings.  I stuffed and attached the nylon heads to the 2L pop bottle and precut the orange dress...then I used my sewing machine to partially sew the dress.  {This craft took two meetings to complete}.  The first meeting we allowed 45 minutes for the girls to work on their Witch.  They had to sew a gathering stitch around the top of the dress so that it would stay on the body, stitch a face and paint the wood base black.
They did not get as much done the first night as I had anticipated since alot of gabbing was going on...but that's part of the fun right! So I ended up making the craft into a Kit so  they could have fun assembling it.  {I had two weeks to prep for this so I did it while watching TV}.It would have taken atleast four meetings to do this all on their own! {and they do not like sewing!}

For the second meeting I still had to find something to use for the hair.  I went to a fabric store and the faux craft fur was mucho expensive so I decided to just use yarn for the hair ...until...I was lurking around the Dollarama in the Halloween aisle and noticed some Monkey masks that had fur that would make perfect Witch's hair!  Problem solved!  I precut the hair, the cape {which I then made a drawstring pull so that they just had to tie it on their Witch}, made the arms so that they could just safety pin them to the dress, made the hats from black sparkly felt, made the burlap bags, and used a real broom and dowels to make the mini brooms.  

The Guides had fun assembling their Witch...and used their own creativity to personalize their craft even though it ended up being a kit.  

Here are some of their adorable creations!

This last one I had made for one of our Guiders...but ran out of the orange fabric so I used black for the dress and used fabric from a dollarama costume to make the cape.  I used google eyes on this one not the black felt.  It turned out great!

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