Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Crafts

This is a portion of my collection of Christmas crafts from the past several years.  Most crafts were made at Girl Guides , a couple were crafts made by others given to me as a gift, and some I made for my own Christmas tree and decor. Since my Christmas decorations are still packed away during this time of year I do not have access to get close up shots for all of these crafts...but luckily I found most of them. These pics were taken last Christmas.  If you see anything you like just let me know and I can attempt to describe how they were made...otherwise you can just look and try to figure it out.
Christmas Card...Dollarama Santa suit...mini clothespins, string, card stock
Peace & Love Angels...terracotta pots, 
wooden head, hair, wings, pipe cleaners, bells
Plastic sandwich Baggie skirt, pipe 
cleaner body on Popsicle stick, pompom
Felt Skates , ribbon, glitter glue
Wooden Building Block , felt, wooden head, pompoms
Fimo clay Santa Star...a gift from my niece Rebecca
Felt Teddy Bear...made by my sister-in-law Karen
Wishing Spool-Wooden Spool, paper, ribbon...
looks nicer painted
Snowman handmade Pom Poms...
Guides made these last year
Recycled Christmas Card star
Film Canister Soldiers...
idea from Pack o Fun Magazine years ago
Sugar Plum Fairy...
made from Dollarama supplies- fake flowers
Water Jug ring wrapped with a 
Pipe Cleaner and tiny ribbon bow EASY PEASY
more samples of Pipe Cleaner water jug ring Wreathes
Wooden Ice cream Spoon Reindeer
Two Peanuts Reindeer
Pipe Cleaner Santa
Faux Stained Glass -tissue paper ...hang in a window
Reindeer- two old style clothespins 
wrapped in embroidery floss
Half Walnut shell sleepy kitty-pompom, felt, fabric scrap
Mouse-Wooden ice cream spoon, felt, pompom,ribbon, paint
Large Paper Star from 12x12 scrapbook paper
Tissue Paper faux stained Glass Card
I made this many many years ago...
Bird on a Wreath wrapped in Ribbon
Believe it or not I have more Christmas Crafts! but do not have a photo of them.  If I get a chance to take more photos I will post before Christmas.  Thanks for viewing my blog! Have a great week! and enjoy your Christmas Crafting!

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