Monday, 27 April 2015

Girl Guide Collage Book Part 4

Hello! Welcome back to the final installment of the Girl Guide Collage Book.  In Part One, I had shown how to put together a basic three-ringed cardboard book. In Part two, I had shown how to prepare the pages for the collage process.  In Part Three, I had shown how I had created my collages. In this final Part Four, I will show my completed collage pages and cover. 

Be forewarned...this post is photo heavy!

I coloured the cover with regular colouring pencils.  I then sealed it with Mod Podge.  

 The page above is part of a GGC cookie box so I did not think it needed to be collaged.
 On the above page, I had used a trefoil border that I had made in Microsoft Word.
 The page above is waiting to be collaged.  

 I used washi tape on some of the collage pages.

 The above verse is printed on a piece of crumpled paper bag and I used a sharpie oil paint pen.
 The map in the background of the above collage is from an outdated phone book.
 I had made the World Logo Trefoil strip in Microsoft Word.

I still have a handful of blank pages and a stack of images ready to be added to my book.  As you can see, I could still add more to some of my pages but that will be for a rainy day.  Whenever I complete more collage pages I will post them.

Thank you all for being patient with this project.  As I had mentioned before, most of these images were found on Pinterest and Flicker. 

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and that it has inspired you to make a book of your own!  

Thank You for reading Owl & Toadstool !

Lee Ann

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