Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Girl Guide Collage Book Part 3

Hello!  Welcome back to Part Three of the long awaited Girl Guide Collage Book post.  In Part OneI had shown you how to assemble a basic three-ringed cardboard book. In Part Two, I had shown you how I had prepared the pages for the collage process.  In Part Three, I will show you how I had created my collages.

Mostly all of the photos that I had used for this collage book were found on good ol' Pinterest. Like most of you Guiders I have a Pinterest board for Girl Guiding images...which I have named "Girl Guides". I like to collect images of vintage Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from around the world.  I may have a few Scouting images in there as well. 

To make the collage pages you will need:

Girl Guiding images, words {either cut from magazines, stamped, or hand written with markers, pens or paint pens}, scissors, glue of your choice {I used mostly glue sticks}, Mod Podge if you have it, more pattern and texture items as seen in part two, and a creative eye...or two! 

Decide if you want to do pages that have a common theme or have totally random photos on each page.  Some of my pages have a theme.  For example all photos on a page are cookie related, while other pages have random photos that just look good together.  Whatever you like to do is up to you and your imagination. Play around with your layout until you get the desired look then glue it down. Some of my pages are still not finished yet but I will add to them whenever I come across an image that I think would look good.

Next I'll show you a couple of my pages from start to finish.  

The page below started as a painted pink page.  I chose an image for the focal point. I then added pattern and texture using paper doilies and paint.  The choice of colour of the pattern and texture will depend on your image{s}.
Below, I used Mod Podge to attach tissue paper.  I used a brush to apply the Mod Podge to the page then placed the tissue paper on top, then brushed on more Mod Podge over top of it.  The Mod Podge seals the tissue paper to the page.  A glue stick does not give the same effect with tissue papers.
It doesn't look like much at this point but all these layers come together in the end.
I cut out the sections of the image that I had wanted {the two Girl Scouts and the pussy willows} and glued them in position then added polka dot stenciling. I also added a chipboard sentiment "it all matters". Use whatever supplies you have available. The pink striped pieces are from a napkin.
I then brushed on some Glitter Paint over everything except for the girls and the pussy willows just to add shimmer to the page.  I didn't know if this step would look good or not but in the end I liked it.
At this point I thought that my page was done but then I discovered a new pattern item at the Dollarama...this silicon pot holder. It creates such a neat pattern. I used a styrofoam tray as a printing surface and added black acrylic paint {from Dollarama} with a cosmetic sponge to get a nice thin paint layer. I then rolled the pot holder in the paint and stamped it on my page.  
I liked this effect so much that I ended up going back over several of my other pages with this pattern.  
Below is the finished collage page.

Here is another page from start to finish...
For this page I used a printed facial tissue applied with Mod Podge. {If you use tissues or napkins make sure to peel the layers and just use the printed layer}. 
I chose images that had the same theme for this page...cookie sales.  I placed the images so that one was not blocking another image.  I chose to cut around the image on the bottom right since the background was blocking the other images.
Not much of the bird printed tissue is visible underneath the images but it just adds another layer to the final look.  To finish the page, I added pattern from the pot holder with black paint. Don't be afraid if you go over your images with the pattern. 

Wow! I've discovered that I have quite a few photos of this book project so I think I may do another post after this to show the rest of the finished pages. I will also show you how my cover turned out!  

Stay Tuned for the final installment of the 
"Girl Guide Collage Book" 

Thank you for visiting my blog!  

Lee Ann


  1. Can't wait to see the rest of the pages! Fingers crossed you scanned the images you used. They are great!!

    My favourite effect is the polka dots - it just looks so great, but the pot holder bee-hive pattern is pretty great too.

    I have to admit, I have such a hard time printing on top of the main image/photos when I scrapbook, so generally work with borders around them. I'll have to make it a new goal to branch out though.

    Question: whenever i've used mod podge it dries and still remains quite tacky. I would image the pages in your book would stick together... am i doing something wrong

    1. Hi brownieguideleader...Thanks so much for your comment!

      Yes, Mod Podged pages sometimes stick together...I've noticed that sealer on top of paper seems to do this. The pages feel dry but it takes time to cure. I use Mod Podge in my other Art Journal books and have noticed that some of those pages like to stick together in certain tiny areas so I rubbed a wax candle over those pages. That seems to help my pages that are totally covered in Mod Podge. I have not had too much of a problem with the pages sticking since. Books that are left sitting closed with other books piled on top of it seem to be the ones that have problems with sticking pages. Humidity and dampness can cause the pages to stick too. Also, the Mod Podge likes to be applied in a few thin coats rather than one thick coat. Hope this helps!

      Yes, the simple polka dots and beehive patterns look great!

      I did not scan the images. I copied/pasted the images into a wordfile and printed them out. I still have the files of all the images that i had used {and some that I did not use in this book}. I have a feeling that I may be adding more and more pages to this book as I keep finding more lovely images on Pinterest!

  2. I've already saved some of your Pinterest images. I'll have to go look at the others. They are so lovely. This summer I might have to go through our Guide hall and see what we have in our archives.

  3. Yes, some of those Guiding images are works of art. I'd bet that your Guide Hall has tons of beautiful photos. Does your Guiding country have any images online? such as a Pinterest page or Flicker page?