Saturday, 24 January 2015

Thinking Day Doodle Cards

Hi everyone! It is less than a month until Thinking Day! I'm sure most of you are gearing up for the big day...and Guide/Scout Week.  Here is an idea for the Girl Guide Doodles that I had posted about recently here.  I cropped sections of my doodles and used them for Thinking Day cards. The original doodles can also be seen on the right side of this blog...scroll down to see the Sharpie marker coloured versions.

The Guides and Brownies will be making the foldable version to send to our Brownie Pen Pals in England. A Shout Out to 5th Nuneaton Brownies and Brown Owl Tina! We've been Pen Pals for almost eight years. 

I made the "glitterized" version to send since I had more time at home to do so.
The pdf can be printed then photocopied, folded and coloured.  I left the insides blank so that we could add our own sentiment or letter etc.  The cards may be used as is or cut out the front cover and add it to cardstock... then go crazy! 

I used coloured pencils to colour these cards.   I used blue glitter decorative tape from Dollarama as a border on the one I made at home.

I added a little blue bow to the top,  some Dollarama bling on the flower centers, and yellow bling to the owl's eyes just for decoration. Google eyes would also look cute on the owl.

The blue glitter tape was a wide roll so I cut it down using my paper trimmer to make the desired width.  {Notice the book in the background below.  It says " Make Do And Mend *Does not apply to false teeth". I thought it was funny lol ...found it at a fleamarket}.

Decorative and Washi tapes can be cut to the desired width using a paper trimmer. This one above has both a rotary blade and a guillotine cutter. Since this blue tape has a peelable backing the guillotine cutter worked best.
Gotta love the bling!  I guess it is called bling or stick on gems...not sure what it is formally called.

Here is what the printed PDF files look like before folding...

#1 Thinking Day Card -Owl on toadstool

#2 Thinking Day Card- Owl on Rainbow

#3 Girl Guide Card- no title

#4 Thinking Day Card- Small Owl on Toadstool

If you would like these PDF files just email address is in my profile.  I am always willing to share my work.  Please specify which one{s} you would like.  The descriptions are beneath each photo.

Whenever I send files I usually ask "Where are you from and what Unit are you with?".  I find it fascinating!  I keep a record of everyone who receives my files, postcard swaps, crest trades etc in a little washi tape decorated book...well, now I have two little books. 
I started a second book in December 2014
I ♥ Washi Tape. I like to edge the pages with it.
I've been sending files and receiving blog comments since 2012. I so enjoy making contact with Guiders from around the world.  Without this blog and the internet I would not be able to do such a thing. It is an awesome way to share ideas.  A special Shout Out to the 59 members of this blog!

Thank you all so much for viewing Owl & Toadstool! 

PS...If you had requested files from me but did not receive a reply please try to email me again.

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