Friday, 16 January 2015

Canadian Guider - Felt Trefoil Tin

Hello Blogland! I'm back so soon, stop the press! LOL  Just thought I would share with you a craft idea of mine that was published in the fabulous Winter 2015 issue of Canadian Guider magazine.  Wooo Hoo! The magazine staff liked an idea in my Owl & Toadstool post  "Felt Crafts" and contacted me to see if I would share the Trefoil Tin craft with them.  Of course I said yes! Awesome!  It is published in the Ideas to Go section along with some other fun Trefoil craft ideas!

Canadian Guider. Winter 2015.  Volume 85, No 1. Page 37
Winter 2015 issue of Canadian Guider PDF is available for download.
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Other Owl & Toadstool ideas 
published in Canadian Guider magazine:
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  • Spreading the Word - Unit Bloggers. Fall 2013

Thank You 
Canadian Guider!
for having an interest in  
Owl & Toadstool

 Have a great day!
Lee Ann

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