Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fleamarket Haul- Crests and Scout Pins

Hello Blogland! Here is a little break from program related posts.  If you've read my blog from the beginning you know that I {♥} yardsales, garage sales, fleamarkets, thrift stores, Church rummage sales...you name it!  However, I haven't found anything "Girl Guide" related at the sales in such a long time... 

However, during the past two weekends, my hubby and I have been going to a Fleamarket on Sundays in New Glasgow, NS.  

I found some GS USA crests and a couple of Boy Scout pins but the Girl Guide stuff is hard to come by these days! {I did spy a Girl Guide pin and a few newer style Brownie enrolment pins but she was asking $5 each so I passed on those}.

Here is what I had purchased on my fleamarketing adventure... {lots of photos in this post!...the vest was from the fleamarket at the former Co-Op building}

GS USA VEST - back view

GS USA VEST- front view

This Girl Scouts vest was $2 bucks! There are several items on the vest.  {I haven't decided if  I want to remove the crests and add them to my crest collection or leave them on the vest...hmm}.

These look like merit badges

This is a troup {troop} number

This looks like a patrol emblem

We also bought this Scout pin, Wolf Cub badge , and Beaver button.  My hubby was in Scouting as a youth member and was once a Leader so I pick up Boy Scout stuff if I see it at the sales.  {This was from a second Fleamarket in New Glasgow...at the former Central Supplies building}.

Hubby bought this pin for $5...a little more than I would normally pay but I have never seen any of these pins on my excursions. {and yes I am an El Cheapo a Bargain Hunter!}

These were 25 cents each!
Last year I had purchased an older Brownie uniform from Salvation Army thrift store in New Glasgow but I have yet to post about that! Too much to do and so little time!

Have fun with your Girl Guides as we kick of the 2013-2014 season!

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