Friday, 20 September 2013

Cookie Song book and colouring pages

It's Cookie time!  
The delicious Chocolately Mint cookies are here!
...this pile of cookies is in my living room! The delivery went smooth this time...the guy called the day before and the hour before...and no major damages on the cases {just a few scuffs and a minor tear on one box...not bad!}

I made this cookie song booklet a few years ago for my Brownies but it can be used by all branches.  I posted this on my old website but I offer more detail of how to make it here.  {I did not write these songs...they were found online over the years.  Maybe GGC issued them but I am not sure.  If you know please leave a comment}. I have the pdf available if you are interested.

Songs include:
I like Vanilla {tune: I like the flowers}
Mary had some Girl Guide Cookies {tune: Mary had a little lamb}
New Baker, New Design {tune: Make New Friends}
It's Cookie time! {tune: O Christmas Tree}
Girl Guides Cookies {tune: Three Blind Mice}
Itsy Bitsy Girl Guide {tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider}
Cookie Chant {tune: A tisket A tasket} 

* Please note that a couple of the songs have the old price of $4 in the lyrics...before you make copies you may want to update the lyrics to five/$5.  Let's hope that the cookie price does not go over $5 !!

This is how it looks when printed out.
Then you will need to cut it into thirds.  I have lines marked in pink below. {Mark lines at 88 mm from the bottom and then 176 mm from the bottom if you need exact measurements for cutting}.
Fold the pages in half and arrange them in whatever order you like. {Another option is to print/photocopy double sided then you will not have as much folding to do}.

Arrange the pages so that the folded edge is on the right-hand ends will be stapled.
Line up the pages inside and staple along the left side two or three times.
The girls may colour the pages as they like...then sing away!

These song tunes may or may not be familiar to all girls these days...but the tune below is most likely a fav of our Girl Guides...It was written 28 March 2013 by my Guides as part of the Music Fan badge. Check it out!

Tune: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
{sing verses in this order: 1, 2, 1, 3}

1.  Hey ! All those cookies!
Make us crazy
So sweet and yummy
So give us cookies!

2.  Yummy Chocolate Mint
Sweet Vanilla
And plain old Chocolate
but it's still awesome!

3.  Girl Guides sell them
for five dollars
Buy them quickly
Before they're all gone

GGC clipart  showing the old uniform
 And the 1st Antigonish Guides also did this song as part of the Music Fan badge

Tune: Old Mac Donald Had a Farm

Girl Guides had some cookies
yum-yum-yum yum-yum
And one of these Guides was insert name
La la la la la

Selling Cookies here
Selling Cookies there
Selling Cookies,Selling Cookies
Cookies Cookies everywhere!

Girl Guides had some cookies
Yum-yum-yum yum yum!

GGC Clipart {showing old uniforms}

Girl Guides of Canada has some fun clipart available!  I made them into a pdf colouring book so check it out! I have the file available if you are interested. There are ten colouring pages that print out one per page.  I compiled this contact sheet so you can see what I have available.
GGC clip art

The Chocolate Mint cookies will be on sale for the month of October here...but if you are looking for cookies after October I am sure there will be some around!  The Classic Vanilla and Chocolate sandwich cookies will be available in the Spring 2014.
Check out these delicious recipes on my old website! There is a link to the GGC website recipe page as well!

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