Friday, 1 March 2013

Canadian Guiding Lapbook

Canadian Guiding Badge

Here is the continuation of the World Guiding Lapbook.  A second folder was added to the original World Guiding lapbook to make room for Canadian Guiding badge work.  It mostly covers the part about finding 10 facts about Canadian Girl Guides history. {However, World and Canadian content spills through both sides of  the lapbook}

 World Guiding and Canadian Guiding 
Badges Lapbook

Ten facts about GGC in pictures!
Lady Baden-Powell facts Wheel
You can see I added pictures on coloured paper {sticky notes from neon colours, which I must say are back from the 80's!} and created peek-a-boo facts underneath.  This allows room for more pictures.

The front cover
I had a bunch of these stickers left over from 2010.  They were issued to GGC Units for the 100th Anniversary!  They add lots of colour and can also describe things that we do in Girl Guides. {You can see a pocket was created...purely by accident..that is the beauty of lapbooks, they all turn out differently!}
  Lapbooking is an activity that offers learning in a fun and creative way!  The girls get a Girl Guide History lesson but they see it as crafting!

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