Monday, 11 June 2012

Yardsale Haul- Scout crests

Although these are not Girl Guide crests I still tend to pick up any kind of crest or patch whenever I find them...whether it be a Yardsale, Fleamarket, or Thrift Store.  I rarely see crests out and about. These are from the early 1970's...Halifax area Cubs and Scouts.
{These were $0.20 each...could not pass that price! LOL}
I found this pile of "Self- Adhering Personalized Patch Pals" made by RUSS at Value Village in Halifax a few weeks ago.  The lot was 99 Cents...5 cents I picked them up to use as weekly prizes at Guides....or if I EVER get around to sewing my crest collection onto a camp blanket or poncho I can use these to fill in the gaps.
To all of you Yard "Sailors" out there....
Hope you have fun finding treasures! 
I know I sure do!

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