Thursday, 23 February 2012

Modern Canadian Inventions Brownie Badge

The Brownies worked towards earning the 
Modern Canadian Inventions Badge.  
They were given a table full of bits and pieces 
to create an invention of their own.  
Here are some of their creative inventions...
Special sunglasses that fold up into a tiny box
A garbage-eating Dog to help the environment
A magic Trampoline that allows you to bounce REALLY high
A catch-n-release harm free insect trap
Special "Sisters Forever" recycle frame
A vacuum where you can 
see the trash getting sorted
Special tool to Pick up stuff...big stuff and little stuff
A Butterfly Bank for saving Butterflies
A special container for putting juice in the freezer
The "Bullzor"...part wrecking ball and part catapult
As you can see the Brownies had fun 
"Inventing" cool contraptions.  
We also worked on the Key To STEM.
{Science Technology Engineering Math}
We had discussed Internet safety and 
methods of communication.  The girls
played a game where they had to match up
a female inventor/ scientist/ record breaker 
with her accomplishment.

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