Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Guiding Law

The Guiding Law Challenges me to:

  • Be Honest and Trustworthy
  • Use my Resources Wisely
  • Respect Myself and Others
  • Recognize and Use my Talents and Abilities
  • Protect Our Common Environment
  • Live with Courage and Strength
  • Share in the Sisterhood of Guiding

The Brownie Law:
  • As a Brownie I am honest and kind; 
  • I help take care of the world around me.
The Promise & Law are an intricate part of the Girl Guide Program. Our goal ,as Guiders, is to reinforce Girl Guides of Canada's Vision, Mission, and Values by teaching the Promise and Law to Sparks, Brownies, and Guides.

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada, the organization of choice for girls and women, makes a positive difference in the life of every girl and woman who experiences Guiding so she can contribute responsibly to her communities.

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.

The stated values for Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada are stipulated in the Promise and Law.

In our Guide Unit,we aim to learn about one Guiding law per weekly meeting.  As the Guides arrive and gather in their Patrol groups they are given a law to discuss. Our Guides made a circuit tester file folder activity.  This activity is a fun way to help the girls to remember the laws.

The Guiding Law Song is a great tool to help us remember all those laws!  I had first learned the lyrics to this song in 1996 and usually refer back to it when challenged to remember the laws!  It works for me!

Guide Law Song
(words and music by Brandis Purcell)
(source: "Celebrate With Song", Girl Guides of Canada, 1995.)
I challenge myself with the Guiding Law
To be honest and true
To be wise in the use of resources I have
To respect myself and others too
To know and to use my gifts and skills
To protect our common world
Live with courage and strength
And to share in the joys
Of the Guiding sisterhood!
Go to this link for the Guide Law Song tune:

The Circuit Tester activity is suitable for Brownie age girls too.  I did this activity with the Brownies in 2007 and they really enjoyed making it. 

Any topic would work with the Circuit Tester activity. 
It is always great to reuse old ideas!


  1. Do you have instructions on how to make the folder circuit board? I've googled and found some basic ideas. It looks like you use a flat battery?

  2. Hi Cat...I don't have instructions on how to make the circuit board. I just remembered making those in school back in the late 1970's. The battery is a flat one from Dollarama. The little lights are soldered to wires. {My husband had access to those led lights at work...but originally we used a mini led key chain that we took apart and used that light bulb for the prototype}. The Source store may carry packages of the led lights but not sure. The girls can assemble the circuit board but the testers need to be pre made by an adult. I will eventually get the instructions in a pdf...hopefully before September.

  3. We had the girls make the folders as a craft. I punched the holes and wrote the phrases before our meeting. The girls then connected the correct phrases inside the folder (where it would be hidden) with tin foil. A guider would check to make sure they'd connected the correct phrases, and then they'd use electric tape to fully cover the tin foil. It's important that none of the tin foil strands touch any other tin foil strands as the circuits won't work correctly, hence fully covering each strip of foil with electric tape. Then they'd try matching the next two phrases (before getting them checked and taped down, etc).

    Anything will work for a circuit. We just used a battery connecter to a 9-volt battery with an LED and two mostly insulted wires, so that the girls could check their own answers.