Sunday, 23 April 2017

Owl & Toadstool Blog Makeover

Hellloo! You may have noticed that the Owl & Toadstool blog design looks a bit different from your last visit. I did a little makeover recently!  

I've had this new banner idea in my head for ages and finally got around to implementing it. I've changed the blog's background, banner, and colours to make it more cheerful.  

If you've been following my blog you know that I like to doodle. So I thought that I would use my own artwork on the blog banner. The banner was made with Photoscape and paint.NET{free photo editing software programs for Windows}.  I love these programs and use them all the time to fix and enhance my photos. 

The banner background is 'Antique Photo' with an added inside margin {in blue}.  The title font is 'Vintage One'.

I used my owl and toadstool artwork on either side of the blog title. I drew the little owl resting on the toadstool especially for this banner. The toadstools with the lady bug on top is from one of my other doodle drawings {I would be impressed if you know which one it is from! LOL}.

The awesome shabby background image "Barn Sale/Farm Chicks" is from a site called Shabby Blogs. Everything on that site is 100% free!  It is amazing so check it out if you are interested in creating or changing the design of your own blog.

I have been using Blogger since 2011 and find that it is an easy to use blog maker.  I did not take a class nor did I have someone show me how to use's just that easy!

Thank you all for visiting Owl & Toadstool !  I know that I have not been doing regular posts but I'll continue to add to it whenever I can.

Enjoy your day!
Lee Ann

For those of you who are new to Owl & Toadstool the image below is what my blog looked like before the new update.

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