Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Owl & Toadstool's Been Featured!

Hey there! Just thought I would share with you something that came in the mail yesterday...A sure sign that Girl Guide meetings are just around the corner...the Fall 2013 issue of
 Canadian Guider magazine!
To view this issue online go here
Why am I especially thrilled with this particular issue??
Check out pages 44-45 !
 Yes! Owl & Toadstool has been featured along with Brownie Meeting Ideas and Bluenose Guider in Canadian Guider magazine!  What an honour!
Canadian Guider magazine contacted me in late June to ask if I would answer some interview questions for the magazine...
so I said Yes of course! 

Thanks so much for the opportunity Canadian Guider magazine!  
{although I am not one to enjoy being in any sort of spotlight, nor one to post my own photo, here I am in a magazine ! Now you can all get a RARE glimpse of the face behind the blog}.

A shout out to Cara of Brownie Meeting Ideas and Cathy of Bluenose Guider!  I follow your blogs on a regular basis.  You both have outstanding and informative posts and I can appreciate how much time goes into your blog! I am honoured to be featured along side both of you!

Being mentioned in a magazine that I have been reading since 1996 is really special to me!

Thank You Canadian Guider magazine! 

I hope this Canadian Guider article "Spreading the Word. Unit Bloggers" inspires you, the readers, to start your own blog!


  1. I saw you in there. Thought it was pretty exciting, though I have to admit, I was a little more excited to see myself in there! (Guiding in the Outdoors - used my soon to be married name!). What a feeling eh?

    1. Hi Kirsten... Yes it is very exciting! I think that makes three Nova Scotians in the Fall 2013 Canadian Guider! Your article is awesome...excellent tips for the outdoors! {your name also appears on page 44 if you look closely at the pic of my blog, I have your name on the crest draw lol}

    2. Nova Scotia Guides were representing big time! Thanks for the nice comments about my article :) I hadn't even noticed that my name was showing on your screen shot! I'll have to open my copy up and take a look!

  2. That was a great article! We've been following your blog for a while too! :)

    1. Hey 64th Guides... Yes it was a great article...I follow your blog too!I would love to someday find your GeoCoin !