Saturday, 6 July 2013

GGC Clipart update

Hello! It has been HOT the past couple of days here in Nova Scotia! The humidity is a killer !  Thank goodness that we got an Air Conditioner for this summer!  

While sitting in front of the computer in the nice cool air conditioned house {woo hooo!} I was surfing on the Unofficial Girl Guides of Canada facebook site and Sarah Y inquired about the GGC clipart..."Does anyone know where I can find GG clip art with the new uniforms? The brand centre only has the older clip art with the older uniforms...".  

I love the GGC Clipart so I use it on this blog and for activities that I do with my Guides.  I too have been searching for GGC Clipart that is updated to suit the new uniform but nothing was"necessity is the mother of invention"! or in this case "mother of updating"!  I have been slowly...I stress slowly... updating some of the clipart as needed.

In no way am I claiming that this is my artwork...I simply changed the colours...and in some cases changed the neck to be a V neck and added the coloured trim on the sleeves and waist.  If I am not permitted to do this GGC please let me know. Thanks! I ♥ your clipart!

Here are a few of the updates that I have...

Updated to suit new Sparks Uniform

Updated to suit new Brownie Uniform

Updated to suit new Guide Uniform
I will post my updates as I do is a tedious job to change the colours...and there are many images in the GGC Clipart collection.

Thanks Sarah Y for the post inspiration!

Hope you are all enjoying your Summer so far!


  1. Hey, Sarah Y here. I'm glad I could be inspirational for you. I too have thought about redoing the old clip art - just didn't have the skill or time. :) I would love to get copies of any other clip art that you redo.

    1. HI Sarah...thanks...I had made edits to some of the clipart and when I saw your comment on facebook I thought I should post about it...thanks for the post idea! but not sure if GGC allows this or not. It is time consuming, yes, to do the edits so I hope that GGC issues new updates soon. {I hope they do new stickers too}

  2. Thank you Lee Ann. I have the same problem, I love the clipart, but they have not given us any new ones. Even after the last uniform change, they did not give many for the Guides.
    Your site is awesome.