Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mini Thinking Day Passport

I made this Mini Thinking Day Passport for Commissioner Pat in BC.  Pat saw my mini booklet on Owl & Toadstool and thought it would be something they could use for an upcoming event.  In her email she said 

"I have just come across your site and I love it.  I am working on a passport for our Area camp, and I am thinking that your mini book would work great.  I would like to add another set of pages to it though.  Would you share your template for your mini book so that I can add some more countries to it".

However, the mini book template only has six pages plus front and back cover...and does not allow for any additional pages.  So, I thought I would make one for her..easy peasy! 

Pat directed me to a fantastic site MakingFriends.com that has Girl Scout activities {I have used this site for several years for various projects..it is awesome!}.  One of the activities on Making Friends is a passport for Thinking Day.  I saved the images for the countries that Pat requested and created a Mini Thinking Day Passport. {The mini passport that I made for Pat has a different cover featuring their Area Crest..it turned out really nice and Pat was pleased!}

I found this illustration of how to fold a mini book on Pinterest...sorry I did not save the location! So if this is your handiwork please leave a comment!

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